Circa address book ideas

Hi everyone -

I love all things Levenger, and am addicted to Circa.

While placing a recent order for my 2009 agenda, etc, etc, I was told that the compact-sized address cards have been discontinued. Grrr! And they just got me switched from junior to compact last year...anyway, I'm back to junior again for my agenda, but still want to use the compact size for a separate address book to keep in a pocket of my zip-folio.

I ordered the smallest circa rings to do this, and I'm "borrowing" the abc tabs from the new web notebook I just bought. I like them because there are more letters per tab, so they take up less space. I want to make and print my own address pages, and reprint them as needed. However, I don't know how to do this! I can do something very simplistic on Excel, but it has a homemade look that depresses me a bit. Are there any compact-sized templates here (that I haven't been able to find yet) or can anyone give me some tips and/or advice?

Thanks so much!


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circa compact size adress cards

Hi phoebe

I just ordered my first circa today in compact size and i bought a lot of the accessories that were on sale because it looked like they were being discontinued. However they did not have alpha tabs nor as you said the address cards. They did have the address pages on sale.

I was wondering if it would work to cut off the outer edge of the address cards to make them fit into the compact. I have not used circa before so I wonder if you think this is feasible. Would be a bit time consuming but the system is for my personal use - not business so don't think it would be too much time for me. I did not order the address cards because not sure if would work. Thanks, Thea

I bet you could trim the

I bet you could trim the cards. They're blank-ish (just lines, no labels) on the end. What I liked, actually, was the 3-to-a-page format that you just can't get anymore.

Oddly enough, the web notes refill pages are the compact size, and look very similar to the old address cards.

The micro pda refills (at $20 for 300, yikes) are the perfect size if you like the individual style. The address refills are $4 for 50, but have the advantage that you can buy only 50, and they have the labels on them already. I'm torn.

I just feel as if I should be able to make my own!

I have read before

that they are the exact same size as Business Cards. You could get laser business cards and design a template and print a page a time. YOu could probably even divide them so they're about the same size in groups of 3???