New Circa Bookcloth Colors!

I visited the Levenger website today, and was shocked to see that there are new Bookcloth cover colors - Turquoise and Jade! I can't wait to hear how accurate these pics are to real life (remembering how different plum looked originally from its photos), and am a little disappointed in the durability of the bookcloth covers in general, but LOVE the turquoise.

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Me too...

I saw them as well and was happy to see some new colors. Although I have been a bit turned off on their bookcloth since it seems that the 4 that I have all are getting destroyed around the corners. If I was rough on them I would understand but I am not. May stick with the leather although I wish they made the leather with an elastic closure like the bookcloth.

New Circa Bookcloth Colors

What about ordering a Book Bungee or Writer's Book Bungee? That should keep it shut and you'd have a place for your pen and pencil.



Just for fun, I googled 'bookcloth' the other day and found some places that sell just bookcloth and other book making bits and pieces. One of the things I found at one place was metal book corner protector things. They're very inexpensive, and they come in packages of more than enough for several books. They have different looks--gold or silver, decorated or plain. Perhaps a simple set of those crimped onto your book with a pair of flat pliers would help protect those corners from getting beat up.


Do you remember the link?

OR could find it again? I tried to google it and didn't see anything. I'd be very interested in finding metal corner protectors for my Circa bookcloth. Like others, mine is getting a tad frayed after just a month. I don't regret getting the bookcloth though. I'd just like to help protect my investment.


This one


This is the place I found:

Quiet Fired Design

I am sure they must be available somewhere else too, but this place seemed to have a nice selection.