which Levenger, rollabind, other tools, do you wish for most, yet

from archangel; there are tools that exist at levengers and rollabind and mindology and elsewhere that i wish i had

i'm interested in which levenger's and rollabind and other tools you long for most too. i am always wondering if other people wish for, have the 'jones' on for such things that they feel will help them be more useful in the world, that will save time, that will also have some aesthetic to it

i'm reminded how ancient people decorated everything; spoons, hooks, sandals, tools... i think it must be in our bones... not a madness, but a desire to make art even in these ways of tools

i dont have buyer's remorse... i have 'didnt buy' remorse... or 'couldnt afford it at the time' remorse... most of levenger things i liked are old and no longer availible

1.one of my most cherished things is a couple pages out of an old levenger catalog showing the cherrywood book shelving bank along a wall with several old 'banger' manual typewriters on it. i have several old bangers i've used over the years, and always think it would be cool to put those on the bookshelves like the levenger ad. ....'cept then, i'd have to put the overflow of books somewhere... and ay, they're already holding up my bed, tables, acting as insulation everywhere...lol

2. there was a little desktop book case at levenger long ago that had just two quarter moons of wood at each end. i thought those were cool, cause they'd hold prob about ten books without them falling over or having to be piled horizontally on desk... which if you're like me, i always need the one on the bottom

3. also at levenger, there was once a cool little letter box with a louvered or tambour door that kind of hid 'the mess' of everything. there's the ticket. i need a whole room with a tambour cover. lol

anyway, what are your heart's desires for tools from our favorite places

with kindest regards,

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Good covers


I really lust after good Circa covers, but there's no way I'm paying that much for them. $60 for a bookcloth cover in letter size is too much. Even $40 would be too much, so the %off coupon doesn't really help.

I made some nice ones using pretty paper I already had and some bookboard I picked up for less than $4. An application of gluestick and Xacto later, I have nice covers. I have also discovered that one can buy or even MAKE bookcloth fairly inexpensively as well.

I wouldn't mind some of Lev's desktop doodads, organizers and such, but I'd rather have them in red cherry than leather.

Every time the stuff goes on sale I debate with myself about buying something. Usually Lev goes out of stock on the one I liked before I talk myself into it. :)


Folder Holder

What I'm longing for the most at the moment is

Folder Holder

I have to admit to visiting Renaissance Art's website often. I wish they would hurry up with the Moleskine Utility Covers they say are coming soon (hint). I can't tell from the picture exactly what they are gong to be, but they seem like they might be another must have. I have two items from RA already and they just get better with age. (I'm not affiliated with them, just happy).

Gosh, it would be neat to have one like LisaPT longs for

from archangel

thank you LisaPT for this link: that is so cool/ renaissance folder holder

I love the renaissance leather maker/inventor people and their hand crafts

I found a little tiny paper notebook the other day with a magnetic closure that had inside it post-its of various sizes, and since I am in the world competition for post-it-note-queen-of-the-universe for using the most post-it-notes in the most broad and peculiar ways... I may try that too (my husband says he never thought post-its could be used to tilt the top of keyboard up on little origami colored paper wings)...

I know. I know. I told you... world competition. Do not put post its on plates with food however, no matter how pretty paper flower decoration they make, the colors run when damp, especially the brilliant yellow

word to the wise.
whoo-woo whoo-woo

sound of wings,

I've been trying to come up

I've been trying to come up with a system that would allow me to see my 3 lives (work, personal, community event planner) at a glance. I have tried creating systems of my own with little success, but and am going to make one more attempt to make one this week (circa style) to see what I can come up with! I have a Levenger PDA which I LOVE but am wondering; however, if they could make something that will hold three 3 x 5 (verticle) cards horizontally that would also include a pen. So, the dimensions would be approx 10 (to allow room for a pen) x 5.5 + disc. Of course, I'd also love it if they would make the Bomber PDA with a pen loop. If I'm going to be jotting down notes, having a pen handy would help!!

three-up PDA


Making a 3-up PDA would not be tough. Just get a letter-size set of plastic covers and cut them down to the dimensions you want. You could also get three leather HPDAs and link them with a plastic cover inside if you wanted the leather covers. Personally I think three covers would be a pain, but it's your setup. :)

For pen loops, I use a sticky index tab. Just attach it to a piece of cardstock, then slip the clip of the pen into the tab and it'll stay pretty well. I use the 2 inch long tabs for security. It'll stick out the side so the cover will still close.

Seems a shame the leather covers don't have a pen loop, but with the pen loop it might not fit into your pocket anyway.


Hmm, the pen really doesn't slide off?..

The pen doesn't slide off when you put it in your pocket? I've been thinking forever about how to get my circa PDA to have a pen. And this seems like it maybe could work.




I don't have a pen attached to a PDA, so I don't know whether it would slide off going into your pocket. I do know that my pants pockets don't have a lot of extra room on the sides for pens. I keep a mini in my front pocket while my jotter sits in my back pocket.

However, I can tell you it works fine with a purse. I have a quarter-letter notebook I used with a pen frequently and the tab method worked fine for keeping the pen clipped on.

I think if you wanted to be sure the pen wasn't going to come out in your pocket you might have to make a full-length sleeve for it to sit in. I would take a piece of paper more than twice as large as your paper size in the PDA. Fold it in half, slip the pen in at the crease, and glue the remaining flaps together so the only bit that isn't glued is where the pen is sitting. Also glue a short bit of the bottom so the pocket is only open at the top. Then use a bit of packing tape around the outside of the pocket to reinforce it, and a bit of the same tape to reinforce the hole-punch side. Trim the page to fit your PDA, punch the paper, and insert into the PDA. The open end of the pocketwill allow the pen to slide out, so you have to keep the correct end up when it's out of your pocket. As long as you reinforce the paper it should be durable.