More questions about Rolla

Hi, I'm a newbie at this, just getting into different organizing systems and planners. I love the idea of the Circa/Rolla type notebooks for planning and journalling my writing ideas. I just got a rolla notebook and some tabbed dividers to try out before I invested in Circa.

My problem is that I had to take paper out for it to close well with the dividers in it, and it is still a little stiff. It just doesn't hold much more than it comes with.

Is this a limitation of the system, or will the better quality Circa work better with several dividers and sufficient paper?

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Not unless you get bigger discs

Circa/Rolla/Mydology/Atoma -- any system using discs to bind are very dependent on the disc size you use. If you want to hold more papers/folders/dividers/etc. you will have to use bigger discs. Think of a 3-ring binder: When it's empty, the closed cover looks like a triangle. As you add pages the cover moves up till the note book lies perfectly level when full. You can even stuff in a few more pages and the cover doesn't lie quite flat anymore. With circa, etc., you have a flat notebook regardless of how much is in it and you can only expand it to what the discs are designed to hold. As has been mentioned in another thread, discs are not very forgiving if the notebook is too full or too empty. This is why many of us defected back to rings. Good luck deciding what will best fulfill your needs.

Thanks, that makes sense, of

Thanks, that makes sense, of course.

Bigger is not always better


To further the comment on 'designed to hold', well, you can get some really huge discs, but they're not always the easiest to turn. They have less 'slush' than a similarly sized 3-hole page (the holes are much bigger than the rings themselves) so you have to be a bit more careful turning the pages if the paper is cheap. Also the matte-finish discs have more friction, so I would only use those in the very smallest sizes or it will get too difficult to open the book to the middle, say.