Franklin-Covey now selling Rollabind notebooks and paper

I just got Franklin-Covey's Winter 2008 catalog today, and I was interested to see that they now sell Rollabind products. They have a leather planner and refills, simulated leather and bookcloth foldover notebooks, a translucent cover with rings, lined pages, and some accessories like page markers. These are all available in their classic size (with 8 rings) and monarch size (with 11 rings). The leather planner does come with a calendar, but it doesn't seem that the other notebooks come with any paper at all. No punch is available in the catalog.

They only show pictures of the classic size, and it appears that the spacing of the rings is different from the spacing on Levenger's Circa. The binders are cheaper, but the refills seem to be more expensive than Levenger. It doesn't appear that the two systems are interchangable, but you'd have to see them in person to be sure. If they aren't interchangable, then the Levenger punch wouldn't work for this system.

I think I'll stick with Levenger, but I was interested to see this.

NOTE: I just looked at the Franklin-Covey website, and they don't seem to have the Rollabind stuff on there yet.

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Second that

I called the local FC retail store.
I was told that they have bundles of smurfed planning pages for 2009

I was also told that smurfed pages will cost about the same as comparable punched pages (same size and style)

I'm going to request a catalog :)
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Franklin-Covey now selling Rollabind notebooks and paper

Do you have a link to the Rollabind stuff on their website?

No, it's still not available online

Only in the catalog, and apparently some is in stores, as ygor found.

The punching may be the same afterall....

This is just based on me looking at the pictures in the catalogs and then looking at my Circa notebook, but it may be the same. I was thinking that the Circa notebooks had disks closer to the top and bottom edges of the paper than they actually do after I looked at it.

It wouldn't make sense for Rollabind to change the spacing for Franklin-Covey, because that would mean they would have to retool their factory machinery for F-C, and they'd have to make all new punches for F-C to sell.

I should just quit obsessing about this now, huh?

Paper catalog online now


The Winter catalog showed up on the FC website tonight. Do a 'shop by catalog' and choose the Winter one. Rollabind is on pages 6 and 7.


I see it

but I am a bit unimpressed.
Very little choice for covers and no zippered covers
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Just the beginning


Remember that in the beginning, when it was only Franklin Quest, there was only one set of pages--just one color scheme. There were few binders, and they tended to be black or brown. There were only ring binders, no wirebound. Covey was the same--just one color scheme, limited choices.

Now, there are all sorts of colors and textures for binders. They do a bunch of different patterns in the paper inserts, all sorts of 'supplements' and accessories, including bags and purses.

I am thinking we have to prove there's a market before we'll start seeing variety. I'm encouraged that the notebooks are less expensive than Lev, and they already offer the plastic pockets and stuff. That could be cool.


Rollabind on menu


Rollabind is on the menu now under New Products.

The bookcloth notebook looks like it has vinyl trim--that would protect the corners and edges from wear.


Saw FC rollabind in one of

Saw FC rollabind in one of their stores today. I asked about it and the salesperson brought out one from their newly received shipment. It looked like the jr circa in almost bomber-looking black leather. Discs have "rollabind" on them.

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For the price...

... I think this is great! The price at FC for a Junior LEATHER is less than half that of Levenger. WOW! I like the red leather with the black interior and red stitching. Looks pretty cool! Now if they would only come out with the compact and pda sizes!!!!

Not to dampen your enthusiasm...

...but I could have sworn the Franklin page said they are SIMULATED leather.

That said, Franklin's simulated leather is the best I've ever seen -- virtually indestructale and nice to touch. I think that binding the edges has taken care of the problems with less expensive rolla style notebooks and hey -- the price still beats Levenger.

I'm thrilled to see Franklin adding another choice to their planning options. They were my original planner, and their seminar was my biggest influence in learning to gain control of my life. Even though I'm largely DIY'ing, I'll forever have a soft spot for them because they got me started.

I might be able to help with the Compact Size...

or something close to it.

FC "Compact" is trhe same height as Circa Compact (6.75) but wider by half an inch (4.25 as opposed to 3.75)

I found some FC Compact zippered covers that have removable rings. A Rolla/Circa planner can just slide right in.
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I was a tad excited until...........

I realised that the rollabind products didnt appear anywhere on the European site. Same old, same old. I'm sure it's been said before but we don't want globalised coffee we want globalised stationery......

Do they have FC in Europe ?

I thought Filofax ruled on your side of "The Pond"
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Oh they do..........

Without a doubt they rule. It's the only planner you can get in shops here. And i have nothing against them although they tend to just have a diary insert without any space for notes or task etc on the same page the way that FC do. I like to pick the best of things ;-)
I have been playing about with a Rollabind desk punch I got on eBay and quite like the idea but it would be good to get a professional cover rather than 'Blue Peter' one (that means badly hand made on this side of the pond) but I dont want to pay ridiculous shipping or mad tax from the US so buying a cover from FC Europe would be good. Otherwise I shall probably wait till my next visit to the US which wont be for a couple of years I think.

Franklin Covey Rollabind planner pages compatible with Circa

I did get the metro planning pages from FC and they fit perfectly in to the junior circa. I am very happy with my set up despite wanting to see more color variety and options compared to what they offer with the binder pages, but hopefully that will come down the line if people try their rollabind offerings and request more options. But I much prefer the layout that these pages offer compared to levenger circa weekly pages and they come with the monthly tabs included which circa does not.

FC Rollabind bookcloth

I purchased the junior sized FranklinCovey rollabind bookcloth notebook. If you're interested in trying it out -- and really like the color pink -- they are on sale now for $14.95 USD plus shipping. I was tired of my regular junior covers from Levenger and wanted a touch of color for spring. At that price, I couldn't go wrong.

That being said, the construction is not very good compared with other FC products or Levenger. The covers don't move around the rings easily, certainly not as well as my Lev leather foldover. I do like the vinyl trim though to protect the edges. I think I will save money or wait out until another big Lev promotion coupon and get their bookcloth cover. I like the idea of the bungee to keep everying inside.

Now I *gotta* go buy a purse to match my new pink notebook :)

Concur about the quality

Their Rollabind products are much cheaper than Levenger's Circa, but the quality doesn't match up. It's serviceable, but the Levenger products are a step up in quality in both materials and construction. That's my impression from purchasing one of the FC imitation leather foldover notebooks and some of the plastic accessories.

Caveat emptor


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Thanks for the reviews

I think I'll save my pennies as well for more Levenger stuffs. I was going to test the FC waters, but now I just don't see the need. Rollabind's quality made me a Levenger convert...too bad Franklin Covey couldn't provide an affordable and good quality alternative.

Anyone recommending?

It's sounds like most people aren't too impressed ...

I'm getting ready to purchase my system soon, but wanted to know if the quality of the Levenger Circa is worth the extra cost of the FC Rollabind? From a newbie's perspective, the system's look very similar. I can head over to the closest FC store to check out their planner. Unfortunately, there aren't any Levenger stores nearby.

Quality matters

I hate to say it, but the Levenger stuff is way better. I have three Rolla notebooks (from FC); one simulated leather and two plastic. I have five Levenger notebooks (all plastic).

The pages and covers just don't seem to turn as smoothly on the rollabind-branded rings. I don't know if everyone else has had the same experience; YMMV.

Once nice thing, though - the plastic notebooks came with two extra rings each.

to each his/her own

I have one of the Rollabind junior sized notebooks from Staples and I like it just fine. I also have circa notebooks... and diy cover notebooks and Myndology.

I can honestly say I don't prefer one over the other for any functional reason. The cover materials are diverse but to be honest, I don't mind the staples faux leather.

I would check and see if they offer any kind of satisfaction guarantee... maybe you could order one and then return it if you aren't satisfied with the quality.

One options is to get the circa notebooks and then get a really nice jacket either from Levenger or Ren Art... that way you can change things up. (I personally like the clear circa covers so I can change the decorative first page to fit my mood).

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Rollabind at Staples?

I'm sorry if these are newbie questions, but ...

Staples carries Rollabind notebooks? I couldn't find it on their website?

Also, if I get a punch from Levenger ... will that work for all the different systems?

not sure

If i were you, i'd call your nearest staples and make them check :) from what i recall, they were not at all locations and they were not a constantly upkept stock item. I got mine from a lovely person here second hand :o) He wasn't using it and we made off-board arrangements.

The circa or rollabind punch will work with the levenger, fc, rollabind, and staples products :) There is some debate on whether the holes match up perfectly but I have had no issues. again i think it really comes down to how each individual interacts with their planner. Some people even have noticed a slight variation from levenger circa prepunched paper and the results from their punches you diy.

i use a rollabind punch with circa and staples rollabind products without any issue. i even use myndology and circa together which some people can't stand. :)

((and we are all newbies with something... don't be shy! we love these questions around here! you've inspired me to get out my punch n discs this weekend))

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I just bought my first notebook :-)

I just came back from Staples and bought my first notebook ... I called my local Staples and asked if they carried "Rollabind Notebooks", but they had told me they didn't. Being stubborn, I ended up going there anyways to check for myself and found them! I guess under the Staples brand, they call them "Rolla" notebooks, but the rings are Rollabind. I also picked up some paper to make some templates.

Only thing I need is a punch ... which I'll be ordering after I post this comment :-) I'm planning to buy the Rollabind punch off their site - unless there's a reason to otherwise.

I'm excited to get more organized, but didn't want to spend too much money on a nice Circa Notebook. I'm hoping this will work out (at least for now - it sounds like from most people, the Circa is the eventual favorite).

... I also picked up a copy of Allen's GTD :-)


I hope you enjoy your Rolla! The Rollabind/Circa is the best system I've ever found for me to organize all the pieces of papers (large and small) that I find myself constantly jotting on.

I wouldn't though recommend getting your punch from the Rollabind website - my first order with them was my last order with them...they were slow to ship and were bad and responding to my inquiries.

Elsewhere on DIY, someone had posted this link to a rollabind punch on leeds: (p[ease oh please don't let this link flag my post as spam)

You might want to check into this source instead, or order direct from Levenger.

Rollabind or Levenger Punch

Thanks for the info.

Any difference in quality between the two?

One smurf

Rollabind has 12, Levenger has 11
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And it's worth it

IMO, the extra punch is worth having. At one time, you could find Rolla punches in scrapbooking stores online. I don't know if this is still true or not, but I would look there.



Its good to hear your staples had them in stock :D

I recommend keeping an eye on ebay if you aren't opposed to using it. i found my rollabind punch for a good price that way and got some discs included with it.

(you can also use a one hold punch and a scissors until you get your punch. Use the pre-punched rolla paper as a guide. Line up the center of the hole you punch with the dome of the rolla paper's "smurf" and then use a scissors to connect the hole to the edge of the paper removing a tiny rectangle of paper. it's not perfect but it worked well enough for me until i got my punch. (i also use it when im too lazy to dig my punch out).

welcome to the "dark side"... :D

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welcome to the addiction

Welcome to the addiction of Rollabind & Circa :-) It is a great system. Here's my favorite two features (too bad both of them pretty much require multiple notebooks and a punch)

1. You can use ANY size paper with a bigger planner. Examples: index cards in any notebook 3x5 or bigger, business cards punched, etc, etc. I like writing major goals & important reminders not tied to a specific date on index cards & put them in the middle of my calendar. If they are important, I'll put them in an archive notebook.

2. You can move pages from notebook to notebook easily. I use one Circa notebook as my main planner and will often write stuff that doesn't belong my planner in my planner (journal entries, keeping track of how healthy I'm eating & how much money I'm spending, etc). When I get home I can take the pages out & easily put them in the correct notebook.

The good news for you is the quality of paper in the Staples Rollabind/Rolla notebooks is *almost* as nice as the Circa notebooks. I find the pages not to turn as nicely on the discs and the covers not to be quite as good, but you've definitely picked the best & most cost effective way to try out this system.


So the Circa and Rollabind are effectively interchangeable?

See, a month or so back I picked up a Sakura GellyRoll journal (missing its pens, and with some writing on a couple pages)-- which is a Rollabind-- at my local thrift for $1.50! I was thinking of messing with it and just wondering if the systems are interchangeable in case it's easier to get one or the other locally.

Sakura Gelly Roll Journal

Same discs, unique size page, but I know where you can get refills.
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Yeah? Cool-- if you can put

Yeah? Cool-- if you can put an URL up I'd appreciate it. (Actually, so far it just looks like I might remove two pages that got some scribbles on them. Whoever had this before me just wasn't into it, I guess.)

No URL necessary

I have them. About 60 of them. 40 pages each
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not just interchangeable - same system!

Rollabind patented the technology and Levenger bought the rights to use the technology from them. I'm sure that's a major over-simplification of the way things are, but they are 100% interchangeable. Levenger is definitely a more premium product & their price tag reflects that.

Levenger only has a few stores across the country. Rollabind is available in some Staples stores and Franklin Covey stores. Neither Rollabind or FC has near the variety of Levenger. Unless you're lucky enough to be near a store that carries the products, you'll most likely end up ordering the products online.

Oh yeah, if you do happen to be near a Levenger store, you can go in & try out the system. They allow you to build your own custom sample notebook for free! No, I haven't been to a Levenger store, but I'll go in one whenever I get the chance!


Interchangeable when one has 11 punch holes and one has 12?

I am probably misunderstanding. I have no experience with either system. Had never heard of it, until I stumbled upon this site many months ago. Will not be able to afford any new notebooks (or anything else) until post-wedding, but I thought I understood Rolla and Circa are functionally identical. However, up there ^^ ygor pointed out that the punches are identical except one has 12 smurfs and one has 11... Fitting 11 rings in the same space as 12 seems like a pretty big difference to me. What am I missing? Help me, o wise ones, I can't figure it out!

yep, interchangable

The rollabind punch is just a tetch longer. It has an extra punch added on the end, not an extra one smooshed into the same space. Part of their market is for crafters and scrapbookers who often use 12" by 12" materials.

I have a Levenger punch at work, and a Rollabind one at home. (yes I know I need help). They are completely interchangeable for all sizes up to letter or A4.

Now, if you do work with 12 by 12s, you'd definitely want the rollabind one.


I need help too!

Me too! Levenger punch at work; Rollabind punch at home. Kids like to scrapbook too - so when one of them says, "Maaa! I ran out of pages in my scrapbook and we need to buy another one," I just punch atheir favorite 12 x 12 scrapbook papers, a couple of flexible covers and they are good to go. If the pages are really good, then I will transfer them to a "real" scrapbook. Most of the time they just put one picture to a page and then a zillion stickers surround it :)

What do you make the 12x12 scrapbook covers from?

I've made a few circa covers by laminating chipboard and decorative scrapbook paper together, but the punches get frayed and bent in no time flat. I'm looking for a decent material for DIY circa covers.

Flexible cutting boards

Since the kids' scrapbooks are just for play, I use flexible cutting boards that I pick up from the dollar store. I like Sara's idea about putting cardstock on both sides...I'd be interested to know how that works out. I've also cut pieces of the cutting boards in 2-3" widths, punch one side, and tape the other side to photo albums I picked up at discount stores. I cut the covers off of the spine first, then tape the newly punched plastic to the photo album covers with black black hockey stick tape. I can PM a picture if you'd like...

do you have a

I'd love to see a pic.
do you have a flickr account? there is a diyplanner group and i'm sure you could add it to. :)

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photo album circa-fied

Per lovely Sara's request, I've loaded the pictures onto flicker of this 4x6 photo album that I menioned in my post above. You can view it here: (admin, please linkify). The covers are so pretty so I love using it. It's just that I think Sara's version of having punched plastic between two pieces of carstock would be sturdier than my version.

aha! thank you!

That makes perfect sense. And yeah, I do scrapbooking... but it never occurred to me to make a... OK! This was very good information to have, even though I can't possibly make use of it for several months! Thank you very much =) I think... !

FC Says Not Compatible?

Sorry to bring this up again, but will sheets cut with a Levenger punch fit a FC notebook (i.e. is the disc spacing the same)? I know it's been discussd on this thread, but a FC salesperson today advised me that it wouldn't work. He said his marketing director informed me of that. He, however, advised me that to call FC customer service to confirm.

I was ready to buy a notebook and some accessories from FC and order the punch from Levenger, but I'm unsure if that will work now.

Sara mentioned they would fit, but the holes might not match up exactly. Anyone else with first-hand experience able to confirm compatibility ... or not?

I have three FC notebooks...

...and the Levenger punch. They're compatible.


the spacing is the same... the exact shape of the "smurf" may vary slightly :)

I think someone said the spacing between the smurfs is metric :)

I want to work on my organizing instead of being at work today :D I even have a plan for the smurfs... muwahahaha.

I also have an idea for a cover. Plastic protector or folder with two sheets of cardstock glued to both sides to create a sandwich. The plastic part will stick out enough to receive the punching and the rings. I think it will be nice and sturdy. I'll experiment as soon as time allows and report the results :D

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It's the rings

The problems that I have with the page turning appear to be with the rings on the FC items. Maybe that's why they are at reduced price. I have a Jr notebook and a large one as well as one with plastic covers, and they all have turning problems with the rings. I put them on the Staples products just to check and they are fine.

Maybe, you have to wear them in.

FC rollabind on clearance

I was just on the FC web site and they have several rollabind items on clearance - the page finder, platics value pack, and cover with disks. There is only one price listed so I don't know how the sale price compares to the original price.

bookcloth cover in raspberry

I just saw this color on their web site. I don't need one but I want one really bad. The timing is perfect - tomorrow I'm leaving for a business trip to a city that has a FC store right near my hotel. Love that color.

I concur, they are interchangeable.

The FC rings are rougher, so the pages will catch. I took the covers of the red journal and put them on my circa planner. I did get the accessory pack with the ziplock pocket, the photo holders and the page protectors and I love those. The FC classic size is slightly larger than the circa junior and the vinyl covering came off the covers when I took them of the rings and put them on my planner. You can't see the damage though once they are put back on.
I was buying them and the FC store manager asked me if I was moving over to the dark side. To which I replied, I was already there.

"Okay, I need to get in the habit of actually using my planner, but it looks really cool!"