FS Franklin Covey Classic desk and portable punch set

I have a gently used set of classic sized Franklin Covey punches for sale.

The desk punch has only been used a few times, the portable punch was never used.

Combo is $15.00 plus shipping.

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Franklin Covey punches


I just wanted to see if these are still for sale--I'm very interested in getting them ASAP. Thanks a bunch! M.

It would help if you register

That way, you can use the "Contact" tab that only registered folks can see when you click on a member's name
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Oooh... I was at a complete loss on how to contact her... Thanks! M.

Still available?

I'm very interested in these. Thank you. John

I'll take 'em

Let me know how you want payment. Thanks!

So far I haven't received a response

are these still available? Are you still checking in?