My DIY Circa Jacket

I finally did it, made my own jacket for my circa compact planner. I was on the endless search for the perfect one and was dissappointed with Levengers options. I have tried all from the bookcloth which fray on the edges, the leather notebook which has no closure, and the zip folio which became annoying opening and closing. I have attached a link to the flicker photo of my creation, there are more pictures there also of the inside.
It was pretty easy to make, I used 2 layers of strong cardboard and some fabric I had laying around. I now use this as not only my planner but also as my wallet.

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Wow ! It looks fantastic !

Any chance of getting the details of how you made it ?
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I will be making another one and I can take pictures along the way. I will post those pics with instructions soon. Thanks for your interest!

Very very nice!

Your planner is so well done! I love the craftsmanship and all the details. Thanks for sharing.


Now that is what I call DIY! NICE JOB! :)

Wow! Great job

Very impressive. You thought of everything--closure, pen loop, cute pics.


I love the fabric. I would be interested in the step-outs on how to. Trying to get Christmas ideas together for the family. My mom would love a new planner... that I made!

Pretty simple...

I will be adding a tutorial for this but while I get working on that I can at least post up a list of supplies you will need. I used cardboard which I had removed from the back of a drawing pad, an exacto knife, ruler, fabric (about 1/2 yard total, I used a pattern one and a solid. If you use a fairly thick fabric it works best), hot glue gun and sticks, thin black elastic, thicker elastic as well if you want to put more on the inside front cover, Thread and a few sewing needles. Hand quilting thread works best because it is a whole lot stronger and can be pulled tight when going around the edges without the risk of breaking. Have a few sewing needles handy I broke about 3 doing it since the fabric needs to be thick.

You can make it based on the size of discs you use and the size of the notebook. Mine is made for 1" discs and compact planner.

The steps to make it will be easier for me to take pictures of rather than explain so I am going to work on that. In the meantime, anyone who is interested in making one at least has the list of supplies.

Thanks for all the great comments and interest, DIY is the way to go!

how do you keep the planner in the jacket?

do the covers slip into the jacket?

sure do

I have it exactly like it is on Levengers circa zip folio and jacket. It is fit to snugly hold the translucent plastic cover.

What a great job!

What a great job!

very nice!

What great inspiration to break out the sewing machine on one of these brisk fall evenings :D Thank you for sharing!

(and don't forget to add it to the DIYPlanner pool on flickr :) I often go back through the pool images to rekindle ideas )

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