Anyone interested in the Artist's Way at Work?

Hi all,

Is anyone here interested in working through Julia Cameron & Mark Bryan's book, _The Artist's Way at Work_?

If you're familiar with Julia Cameron's _The Artist's Way_, this book uses many of the same tools, including Morning Pages and Artist's Dates, but its geared towards helping you express your creativity in your work to help you be more satisfied and enriched by it.

Take care,


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Sorry...didn't mean to post as anonymous



Hi Susan, I have heard of the book and have it on my 'to purchase' list. It would be great to have a work through on the forum.


buy to help D*I*Y?


If you want to buy it through and help this site out at the same time, feel free to purchase it using the following link:

The Artist's Way

Doing so keeps D*I*Y Planner alive and thriving.

Not the right book

Thanks for the suggestion, but that link isn't fot the right book.

This book is The Artist's Way at Work, by Julia Cameron (who wrote The Artist's Way) and Mark Bryan

I'm not sure if the link is set correctly to give this site a percentage of the sale, but this is the book I was talking about: