Smiggle pens

Recently I bought a Smiggle liquid duo gel pen and highlighter. It's a useful and cheap broad-barrelled double-ended pen & highlighter and I've become quite fond of it.

Is anyone else using Smiggle pens?
Do you have a favourite?

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You mean these... ?

Looks like an Available-Only-Down-Under product

Please let us know if they plan to export.

Nice line of products
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Smiggle in Oz

Yes, the pens are sold at Australia Post (our postal service). And smiggle specialty stores, with all their stationery range, have started appearing in the malls here.

It's cheaper and colourful. Definately aimed at the student market.

They have cute mini-fountain pens for AUS$2, about US$1.10, including ink. Although the fountain pens have been so popular that they're as rare as a happy share trader at the moment.

I'll let you know if I hear anything about them exporting.

Smiggle Fountain Pen

Happened to be down at Haymarket and checked the Smiggle shop therein. Found and bought myself a Smiggle mini fountain pen for AU$1.95 including a starter ink cartridge (International short).

Writes as a F, maybe even XF to some. The nib is about as hard and flexible as a landlord owed 3 months rent. Not as wet as a Lamy Safari but still not a bad writer once you adjust to the harder (for me at least) nib.

I found I needed to separate the tines a little to get the ink flowing to my satisfaction.

Overall happy with the pen and plan on getting a couple more, maybe even splash out and get three, it's only $6.00 afterall.

Bob H.

Smiggle exercise books

I must confess to being quite addicted to Smiggle's cute A6 exercise books.

For less than $AU2 I can indulge in a pocket sized notebook with a fun cover that suits me as a collection device come page-a-day tasklist for a month. The pages are simply lined with a date field at the top right of each page.

I've now got quite a collection. This month's is green with a cartoon ninja.

The description is a little incorrect as the A6 exercise books aren't hole punched.


I checked them as well as most everything else, liked the jelly snake erasers. My better half also picked up a media pouch for her ipod after searching high and low elsewhere. The prices seemed fair as well though I do not know how they do the FP for the price.

Have you seen or heard of Spencil? Some similarity in products like the gel pens, erasers etc though not the A6 note/exercise books. Prices are close as well. Looks like they are attempting to position themselves as an alternative to Smiggle though I suspect Smiggle has the street/playground cred at this stage.

Bob H.

I have seen some

I have seen some spencil products at a few newsagencies here but they're at noticably higher prices than the website. I'm guessing that's because there isn't a spencil outlet in the ACT, so there's no price comparison.

Their notebooks etc are a little too sensible for me with their very nice covers. I like Smiggle's anime silliness, even if they are mass produced Chinese products, as I find it easier to use the books and not keep them 'nice' for sensible things.

You mentioned the Fountain Pen and it's price. I've seen similar mini fountain pens on Chinese and Japanese pen supply websites for a similar price. I suspect Smiggle's volume helps - I've come across multple Smiggle shops in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and all had the fountain pens, not to mention the Australia Post shops where I've sometimes seen the fountain pens. So I'm guessing the franchise orders a huge number of pens at once.