Franklin Covey + Rollabind

I was just traipsing around the internet today and noticed that Franklin Covey now has a small-ish collection of Rollabind items, including the Metropolitan Weekly Calendar package.

They don't have all the photos up correctly yet, though, so some items you get a photo of the Plan Plus Online software box.


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Old News

About two weeks old, give or take a couple of days...

However, I have a new tidbit to add to the fires: The binder rings in all but the extreme cheapest of the FC binders are attached with Allen screws. This means that they are REMOVABLE.

Sadly, not all of the FC binders have a vertical pocket on the back cover to let one slip a Circa/Rolla rear cover in. I am tinkering with how to attach a Circa/Rolla notebook to those screws.
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I should have known!

And I totally admire your tinkeringness.

FWIW, I did find an At-A-Glance cover for their weekly calendar that fits my Circa notebook quite nicely ... and has a nice big file pocket as well as the various wee pockets for business cards and so-forth.