Monthly Tracker

This is a template I created to track repetitive tasks at work and/or at home.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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This form can be used repetitive action items. At the top is a short Notes/Description area that you can fill out. You may use this to track daily chores at home or if you are like me, I use it to track daily work reports. After the description, there is room to write the repeat tasks in list format and below that is a matrix that is 31 columns wide (use to track day of month) and 11 rows down (number of tasks in list). At some point, I may get rid of the Note/Desc section on top and try to squeeze 15 tasks per page. I print these double sided. I am currently tracking about 16 repeat tasks a day. I could probably think of more if I wanted.

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Open Office
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This is a great template! What a neat way to see you recurring tasks! thank you for sharing this with all of us and NICE JOB!

i totally agree

this is just what i was hoping it would be... now to get into the habit of using it!

thanks much! :D

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Thank you

Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad this will help.