Flip over the top notebook

Hi, Newbie here ...
I have been looking for a leather detectives type notebook. Ring bound at the top maybe 4X6 inches. Looked in law enforcement supplies but nothing. Any Ideas?

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Reporter's Notebook


I believe you're looking for a reporter's notebook. Most come in a 4" x 8" size. Try a Google search with that phrase, and it should get you some good results.

The Moleskine reporter's notebook (leather-like but not leather) is a bit bigger than the traditional one - closer to a steno pad size.

If the steno pad size works for you, you can also look at Levenger's Circa Steno pad - they make those with leather, flip-over covers.

FWIW I just Googled "leather reporter's notebook" and came up with the following link - they sell covers and the refills.

Another spot to try would be Renaissance Art for a lovely, custom cover (if they don't make it, ask! They're quite friendly there).


Some sources for police notebooks

Check out Galls, Quartermaster Uniforms, or US Cavalry on the web. Go to the Police or Law enforcement sections. They have everything you are looking for, including refills. I'm in the business and have been using them for years.

Here's a similar query on FPN

FPN Thread

About half-way down is a note by a member named "ht1" who includes a link that says "portage". I cannot go to that link from work, so I cannot say if it will help, but it might.

I tried a Google on "refillable reporter's notebook", but I mostly got links to fancy covers for Moleskine books or spiral pads. Nothing wth rings.

You could always use Rollabind/Circa and make one.
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flip over the top notebook

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