Help Buying Levenger Wanted

I love Levenger but cannot face the site or the shipping costs and unnecessarily long delivery times at the moment - appendix out and not going well.But I would like to indulge myself in a few Circa items to cheer myself up.

So is there anyone here who:
a) regularly visits a Levenger store
b) is willing to add my items to their next shop (micro pda + refills)
c) is willing to post them to the UK
d) will accept payment via PayPal?

Please? Pretty please?

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What are you looking to get?

It states in your post micro pda and refills, I was about to list on ebay a micro leather that I bought and never used. It is green, I also have lots of refills and translucent covers for the micro.

Yes, please

I'd be interested in the refills and translucent covers, Kate, please.



I mean Stephanie,of course. I'm typing lying down aand my brain is dead!