Pens for wedding guestbook ?

Having already spent arms and legs for my daughter's upcoming wedding reception, might there be any recommendations for economical but nice-looking pens for guest book sign-in? Gel ink and/or rollerball is preferred for boldness and readability. We need two identical and believe it or not, we don't have two alike of anything suitable. Thanks !

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A question about priorities -

Do you want a pen that looks spiffy or that writes comfortably ?
My personal feeling would be to have a pen that writes good. I had a cheezy ballboint stuck on a ostrich plume at mine.

Depending on the sort of folks who will be there, an assortment of colored gel pens or fine-point Sharpies might be interesting.
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Probably both decent looking and clear writing, hence my preference for gel and/or rollerball. I hate most ballpoints. Looks like pencil lead writing. I think we'd like to avoid the plumes too. :-) And only need two, but identical.

Conservative looking gel pens

I’ve found Uni-Ball gel pens to be dependable.

The Uniball Signo Premier Pens are only $9 each at Jet Pens and they look very spiffy with their polished barrels (metallic blue, gold or silver).


Long answer to a short question

If it were me, I'd buy 2 Sensa Gel Ball pens in silver (link is for a different color)


They were originally $40, but discontinued, so you can get them for under $10 on ebay. See the pens'n'more link above.
Call the number and ask for Ryan, he can sell them to you for $9/each. Make sure you get ones that take the GEL though and not the ballpoint - they are two sizes. The gel refills are the parker gel, available locally in office stores and also at Levenger:|Level=2-3|PageID=898. The regular ballpoints take Fisher space pen refills, I don't like those as much, and it won't suit your requirement of rollerball/bold.

These are beautiful, incredibly well writing pens. I bought one and loved it so much I literally bought a dozen in various colors plus a half a dozen stuck in a closet as future gifts (plus a few fountain pens).

Pilot Dr. Grip Gel

It's even available in a white-silver finish that should be pretty appropriate for bridal events.

Available at Target for not a lot of cash. Uses the famous and beloved Pilot G-2 refill, so you know it's good stuff. May be packaged/labeled as the Dr. Grip Ltd.

Be sure you get the Gel model, as opposed to any of the others. There's a very similar ballpoint, and who wants ballpoints?

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The winner is...

Thanks for the replies everyone. We settled on the Uniball Deluxe in gold:,3,5

Some will say 'Oh', some will say 'Eww' but they work for us. Ink permanence is a big plus, and we felt it less likely a capped pen would walk away. :-)