Semi-Auto, Perpetual . Planner Left Page - Classic Size Only

This form is and Excel template designed as a left hand planner page and includes an appointment list, an action item list and 3+ months of reference calendar.

There is easy user control to initialize the begining of the reference calendar and the date range for the daily calendar. Setup to print any number of days up to one week at a time.

Print your favorite Notes/Journal Pages on the backs and you are ready to get things done.

Small 1x1.4 inch pictures on each page provide for customization / inspiration.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

Easy process. On the Instructions Tab, enter the begining date for the reference calendar and for the daily calendar set. Calendars are automatically set up.

Print the desired pages. Cut in half if using letter size paper. Print your favorite Journal/Notes page on the backs. Get work done.

Replace existing pictures with your own, or just delete them if you wish.

Used Dave Seah's reference calendar "engine" with some modifications.

You can include important dates on the tables tab and they will show up in the reference calendar.

Second Try at submital.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Microsoft Excel
ClassicCalendar2a.xls611.5 KB
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Excel form

Say, I've downloaded both the first and second attempts and find that the form Calendar1 seems to be missing. How did you implement this? I assume it is a form since you use Calendar1.Visible.

separate tabs below

Each day of the week has its own separate worksheet, that you can click on by clicking on the tabs at the bottom. They all loaded just fine in OpenOffice just now for me.

swapping pictures for quotes

Hey this is an awesome spreadsheet. mucho mucho gracias!

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, consider yourself very flattered. I tweaked it a tad. On mine I changed the little picture area that prints a random quote. The quotes come from a table I added that contains my favorite sayings. Many lifted blatantly from the Aphorisms and Productivity quotes thread on this very web site. I'm thinking about trying to subject everything to styles so that when I feel the need for a new color scheme it is a little easier to revise.

This is pretty much what I've been looking for for a long long time.

many thanks!

quotes tweak uploaded as a template

I uploaded my tweaked version with the random quotes as a new template. Once it gets approved it should be available at