A Wonderful Halloween Treat from Renaissance Art

Happy Halloween everyone! I uncovered a special treat for all of us (and anyone who visits the new Renaissance Art blog, at: http://blog.renaissance-art.com/. Giveaways.

Starting next week, they're doing a weekly giveaway on their blog. Here are the details:

Cool Prototypes, seconds… even firsts…

We want to have some fun and so we thought we would start a weekly program where we give away all this stuff. So, here’s the deal:

1. Once a week on any random day
2. Starting the first week in Nov, 2008
3. We will post a prototype, a second, a first, an experiment… basically something we have made and give it away.
4. The first person to comment on it gets it… for free. Yes, we will post a pic although it will just be a working pic taken on one of our studio tables.
5. We’ll need a valid email address to work out the details of getting your prize to you. Each prize also includes free ground shipping in the lower 48 US states only. However, anyone in the world can feel free to play along. Who knows what you might win!

So come to our blog often cuz you never what we are going to post or when we will post it.

This offer is for everyone. You do not need to be a customer. We just hope that what we offer will be useful to you.

The same person can only win once in a month.

So go read through their posts, and watch the blog to see if you can win some of the fun items they make! I hope everyone has a ghoulish day today.

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