Weekly Glucose Sheet

This is a Weekly Glucose Tracking Sheet for Diabetes.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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Use this to track glucose readings during the day if you have diabetes.

Creative Commons
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PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview), OpenOffice.Org Draw, unzip utility
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Am I alone?

I'm just curious, am I the only diabetic that uses this site? To those of us who track our glucose, how can I improve this for you?


I know from comments and email (and, of course, general percentages) that you are not the only diabetic here. I suspect the others are just being too shy or far too productive to leave a comment. ;-)

Don't take it personally -- site stats seem to indicate that we get about one comment per 10,000-20,000 visitors (or less), so there are an awful lot of shy or busy people around here....

all my best,

Your log is great

Your log is great. When I first saw it posted I thought about contacting you and asking if you keep a food diary and asking you to post that, too!

But re the glucose log, I want a month on a page so I can fax it over to the doctor, and also I keep a food diary and I summarize that and exercise on my log, too, so maybe I can learn something from having all of it on one page. Also, I like having it all on one page so I don't have to flip through a book, just go to that same page every day. I have a worksheet that has columns for breakfast before and after, lunch before and after, and dinner before and after. (I don't record the meds because that never changes.) Then I also have columns for total calories, protein, fat, and carb exchanges, and exercise. I can get all that on a landscape letter-size worksheet, and it reinforces me quite a bit to see it get filled in -- makes me happy that I'm following the program.

I have type 2, not on insulin yet, and I suspect that if I were on insulin I'd be taking more readings and maybe using your log.

Either people are using your log but since it's in such a nice format they don't have suggestions for changes, or else it's inspired them to make up their own, and in either case it's a great help. I know I looked carefully at your template before I made up my own, and other people probably have used it or modified it, too.

I suspect that if everyone posted a comment every time they were inspired or grateful, this website would be knocked off-line for exceeding its bandwidth. I made up my own day-timer because of Innowen's posts about making your own books, and after my first thank-yous I thought it would be silly to post a comment every time I thought gratefully of this site (I am buying some books from the Amazon links here, tho--hope that helps). I've also considered posting my planner template here, but didn't because it's just a simple Word file and doesn't have the design values that the DIY templates do. But every time I use it I think of this guy Doug and how his templates and his ideas have helped me. I used to buy five or six planners every year, trying to adapt myself to them, but never feeling comfortable with them. It wasn't just the wasted money, but the low-level ongoing annoyance, every day, all year, of having the weekend split across the week and on different pages, and not having enouth room for notes, or of things being too formatted or not formatted enough, or of the planner being too heavy to carry in my purse comfortably. Now I've got my own, which is perfect for me, and I'm happy every time I think of it. Instead of being annoyed every time I use it, as I always was before.

Could it be that much of the value of the DIY Planner site is just in helping us to realize that it is possible to do our own planners, and use our printers to create things that are what we actually want, and formatted the way we want them? And there are lots of ideas here that are so adaptable and inspiring and provide us with ideas we can use to create what we need.

I also used Innowen's inspiration to make up my food diary and make a booklet out of it, and went out and got a long-reach stapler and stapled my booklet together and now carry it around with me wherever I go, nice and neat. And didn't post anything about that, because it would probably be of no use to anyone else.

Well, this really got off-track, but hope you get the idea that you're not alone, and your template helped me.

No - You're not alone.

Nice tracker. Most meters stores this info and if you or your Dr has the software it is easy to extract. This would make anice backup.

meter data

I think that many of us use more than one meter. And not all meters have the ability to upload data. Just a thought. Also, I find it is easier to keep track of patterns when I'm actually writing it on paper, but that may just be me. I do like this tracker, but for it to work for me, I would need to record FBG as well as meds. It's a great start, and it was very generous of the creator to share it with us.

The beauty of DIYPlanner...

... is the DIY aspect. The zip file seems to include the original graphics file. You just need to download and install LibreOffice, and you can add what you need yourself, and modify the template to your heart's content. The original post is something like 15 years old. I doubt the original poster is still coming back here to read comments or modifying their file any more. They did leave the original file, though, so have at it!


I like the tracker...just

I like the tracker...just looked at it briefly. I'm new at this and not sure what I need. My doctor wants me to record what I eat, or at least the net carbs from each meal and the time after the meal that I test (1 or two hours, so we can see a pattern of why I have such high readings some times. My meds stay the same (for now)but I'm seven months pregannt and the hormones change my tolerance almost every day, so I need to keep track of what will make me spike and what doesn't, and how it changes from day to day. I'm going to try this method for a while as there is more room on your form than on the one the doctor gave me.


Diabetes Food Log

I was wondering if anyone knows where online I can find a printable diabetes log where I can log in my bg readings, enter # of grams of carbs, list my basal insulin, H or Meal insulin, H, R, High bg correction and list the food I eat for meals with the time and carb grams.

I use this website

I am a new comer to this website and plan on continued use.

Hi, actually no you are not

Hi, actually no you are not alone... I am diabetic as well... have been for just a year now and I have been looking for just this type of thing to keep track of my levels and such. Ty so much for submitting it.


GLucose tracker

NO! I was just seeking one of these. The daily ones just get lost. Many thanks


I wasn't diabetic when this great resource was posted, but I am now. Thank you so much for this form. <3 There's such a stigma around being diabetic that people don't want to admit it. It's very sad and so unnecessary.

Nope, still not alone...

I'm confident other diabetics are using this - even if they're keeping quiet. I like the idea that they are all doing so well, they have no suggestions! I like it, though I do think a one-page tracker makes it easier to fax, and for filing.

I have rediculously unstable Type 1 Diabetes, and take over 75 units of 2 different insulins per day, so keeping notes on how much I take - and under what circumstances, since the amounts vary every day - is important, as is tracking my sugars (of course). Having the info on a page makes trends easier to spot.

I have a great glucometer that stores my info, that has nifty software as well. I've learned the hard way that batteries go, and mysterious "incidents" happen that can cause your data to be lost... so keeping a written log is just more sensible for me.

Maybe it'll get easier when I get that pump...

(Fantastic work... I've learned so much here!)

Hi ya. I'm a type 2

Hi ya.

I'm a type 2 diabetic. I need to track exercise along with numbers and food, so I use the Diet and Exercise template. I use to use the matrix template until I built my own.

Your sheet is really nice. Mine's only two days a page. :( But I'm use to it.

Thank you!

I've actually been looking all over the net this morning to find something to help me chart my sugar levels and track what I eat. I just met with a diabetes educator yesterday and was told I needed to make alot of changes because I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. So I just wanted to say thank you because it seems like I've found everything I may need right here on this site. I look forward to spending more time and reading more of the things you have on here!

Not alone, am using this log

Not alone, am using this log for my father, I record mine in my tester, and, computer. Downloaded program from "Bayer" website, works pretty good, am still learning to us it. Maybe someday can afford the cable to connect tester to computer.

Diabetes Log

I'm glad to found this. I've been diabetic for since age 6. It's been a 32 year struggle, now. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for posting this. I have difficulty using Excel, and this was a great tool to have on hand.

Many thanks, again.

I really like your form.

I really like your form. It's very easy to follow. I've been diagnosed a couple of years and anything that makes it easier is good. Best form I've seen. Thanks for creating it. :)

Lost in the land of disorganization


Thanks for a great time saver!@

Thank God I found this site.

Since I am a recently diagnosed diabetic I have been searching for a site like this. I will be back often.

Tracking glucose

I just recently started controlling by diabetes. I am looking for a good log sheet. I take so many shots right now to where I need to have a log and track my sugar to stay organized and on top of things. I am trying to bring my sugar down from a 10.9 A1C!

I was looking for something

I was looking for something just like this- I have borderline gestational diabetes and I need to keep track of this stuff. Thanks!

glucose sheet

This is very nice. Would you consider adding a FBG line and then one for medication? Thank you.