The google add window on the right side of this site keeps popping up "support prop 8"

Is there something specific with this web site that would cause a google ad for "Vote Yes for Prop 8" to show up repeatedly? I don't know how a google ad connection makes its selections for adds to show.

Vote as you wish, I don't care to hear any opinion on this particular topic. I don't live in California, so I can't vote on the proposition.

What I would like to know is whether some particular editorial "bent" of this site caused that add to show up?

I will share my opinion about the fact that the ad showed up at all. I don't think it belongs here. My addition to productivity pr0n will NOT affect my stand on Prop 8, so this site has NO influence on how I would vote if I lived in CA.

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Not seeing it

I'm only seeing a Franklin Covey advert. You know Google reads minds...

EDIT: Breaking news item may explain Google pushing its agenda:

Not seeing it now

I'm not seeing it anymore either.

I guess I need to learn how google ads are selected to understand which things might appear in a google ad on a website (particularly if I ever decide to use google ads).

Use Firefox and AdBlock Plus

Use Firefox and AdBlock Plus and you won't see the ads.

Thanks. Before this post I'd

Thanks. Before this post I'd never heard of AdBlock plus. I just downloaded and installed it. So far, so good. :)

Anonymous beat me to it. It

Anonymous beat me to it. It did not even know there was an ad block on the right of the page before this post. That's how good adblock is.

and GreaseMonkey

I've been using AdBlock Plus for ages and have Google Ads on my block list. I recently tidied up the page by using Greasemonkey to remove the Google Ads heading. (Though I see that it is here on this pages because the text is slightly different. UPDATE: Widening the GreaseMonkey URL pattern fixed it.)

[I used Platypus! to create the GreaseMonkey script.]

Thanks for the tip on

Thanks for the tip on AdBlock Plus. Altho the add-on I added (pardon the pun) is AdBlock, but it's doing a good job on blocking ad pop-ups. Even tho Firefox has a feature for blocking pop-ups, some still manage to get thro. After installing AdBlock and adding those offending sites to the block list, I haven't seen any more unwanted pop-up windows.

Edited to add:

Okay, I installed AdBlock Plus and after restarting the browser, there was a message saying it had detected AdBlock which should be deleted. So I allowed the delete and after restarting the browser, checked and found that the settings I put in AdBlock are now in AdBlock Plus.

While we're at it---

A few more --
AdBlock Filterset G Updater
Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
Tab Mix Plus
PDF Download
Forecastbar Enhanced
Fox Clocks

The filterset G automatically updates your filter list--I never see ads. Sometimes I feel guilty at depriving my favorite sites of ad revenue, tho.

And you can check out the others on the Firefox site.

Any others I'd want if I knew about them?


Odd you should mention that....

While I have ad-blocking on in Omniweb and use AdBlock+ in Firefox, and don't see the Google ads in DIYPlanner, I _do_ see the "We Recommend" ads on the left, that are DIYPLanner specific. I know I could turn them off, but I don't, because I believe that these directly help DIYPlanner. I leave them on, even though a huge bunch of them are opposite my personal convictions and lifestyle. If I had seen an anti-prop 8 ad, I would have thought the same thing. My task as a reader of this site is not to censor, or take offense at those things I find distasteful, or try to tell the site-owner what he can display on his site. I receive benefit from DIYPlanner, enjoy the camaraderie here, and ignore or overlook those things I disagree with (or if it's a hearty "discussion" I sometimes participate) ;-) I'm just not sure about the attitude that says "I'm offended--now do what I want." If everybody visiting this site did this, and got their way--where would it be?


You're so right, Jon. I

You're so right, Jon. I prefer not to use leather, and sometimes wish the Circa folios, etc that are mentioned here weren't leather. Of course we could filter out all mentions of the words we find distasteful,but then we'd probably eventually just be staring at empty pages. And there's no thought police, or idea blocker, to eliminate unpleasant concepts that are expressed in innocuous language. We have to deal with the world and all its inhabitants as they are, and learn to ignore the intolerable, I guess.

We Recommend listings seem to be done differently than ads, and they're not intrusive. And the books mentioned seem to be closely relted to the content of DIY Planner. I actually wouldn't mind the Google ads, but they get caught up in AdBlock. It's those annoying pop-ups and flashing things that I want to avoid. And porn, of course. Normally AdBlock does a perfect job, but the other day my browser screen minimized and I got a little window warning that I need to beware of viruses, and when I closed that window I got a page offering to scan my computer. I closed that out, but wonder why AdBlock didn't catch it.

Otherwise AdBlock has been perfect for three or four years.

Google AdSense

As far as I know, the Google ads you see in the top right box are automatically generated by Google based upon its understanding of the contents of the page. For example, if this page repeatedly mentioned asbestos, it's conceivable that you'd receive ads for lawyers trying to tap a class-action suit. However, since most pages on the site are about productivity, forms, notebooks, pens and the like, many of the ads are actually relevant to the content. (I've actually whitelisted DIYPlanner, since I've actually learned about some interesting new products.) But, like anything else, it depends on what keywords people have purchased.

For the record, I didn't even know what Prop 8 was until a couple days ago. (I'm Canadian.) Even if I did, that sort of politics doesn't really belong here.

all my best,

Thx, it was so easy to

Thx, it was so easy to whitelist DIYPlanner and all but one of the ads are related to planning and calendars, so I clicked on them.