Are rollabind notebooks as good as levenger?

I just visted the rollabind web site and they sure seem inexpensive. Only 5.95 for a junior size and 29.95 for a hole punch. It is a fabric cover. Does anyone know if the hole punches would be the same? I looked at Franklin Covey, but a tad more expensive. I know you get what you pay for, but I would like advice from someone who has tried both. Thanks for the advice.

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only partial experience

I have Circa rings, plastic covers and paper, and Rolla paper, but no covers. IMO, the Rolla paper is quite good, but not quite the super-high quality of the Circa paper. Rings are a non-issue, IMO, and I can't judge the differences in the covers, because I have only Circa plastic covers, which are very nice and stiff. I have heard som non-flattering reports about the pseudo-leather Rolla covers, but overall, I would guess that Rolla would be sufficient for normal, daily use.



My experience and opinion is the same as jonglass.

Same basic opinion, with some details

The covers and rings/discs are an issue of convenience. Whichever brand is easier to obtain, go for it.

The big issue is paper quality. Levenger's paper is easily better than the paper Rollabind packs in the notebooks. My position, however, is that if you invest in a punch, you can then buy your own paper of equal or higher quality at a lower cost.

Some numbers to back this up:
Levenger wants $25 for 300 sheets of BLANK, smurfed, letter size paper.
Rollabind wants $10 for 100 ($30 for 300) "blank" sheets that are not completely blank - it has a title bar.

A bit of info before I continue: Paper Weight-- both Levenger and Rollabind tell you that you are getting 60-lb. text stock. According to this chart, 60 lb Text (used for offset printing) is equivalent to 24 lb Bond (used in copiers and 'puter printers) which is equivalent to our metric 90.3 gsm like your Clairefontaine type papers

Now for the alternative:
I am picking on Staples, but you can find similar papers anywhere with a bit of homework.

Staples® Heavyweight Printing Paper, 8 1/2" x 11", 28 lb.
96 US / 109+ Euro Bright
Heavyweight paper allows for extensive ink/toner coverage without bleedthrough
$10.99 for a ream of 500 sheets, $41.99 for a "half-box" of 5 reams (2500 sheets)

'Nuff said ?
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choosing paper

I didn't realize there were two different systems that both use the term "lb" to identify the weight of the paper. I find card stock too heavy for non-permemant pages in my planner. I bought 55 lb (not mentioned bond or text)drawing paper and cut 3 pages from each sheet. I like it, but this explains why it's not quite as thick as I had anticipated. Bonus: works great with a pencil.

Look at the chart...

there are more than that -- cover, index, text, bond, tag
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Circa V.S. Rollabind

I first bought a circa with a plastic cover. Then I decided to buy a nice leather cover. Levenger was waaay to expensive so I went for Rollabind. Rollabind covers a scruffy looking. Rings dont matter. As for paper I prefer levenger the quality is amazing and is fountain pen friendly :) . Everything else like pockets and business card holders get them from Rollabind they are basically the same quality and much cheaper.

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