Falling off the Levenger wagon

I was doing so well. I've really been into tea lately (as both drink and hobby), so that's where my pin money's been going. But after I lost the pen clipped to my compact Circa agenda for the millionth time, I decided I needed a bookcloth cover. (I have those little clip-on pen holders, but they catch on everything in my purse and won't hold my preferred pen anyway. Not good.)

And then I realized it's almost year's end and I need the agenda pages for 2009. (I'd rather use ygor's dynamic templates and make my own, but I currently don't have access to a printer and won't have one until next year at least. Plus I'd have to get the pages chopped down to size at the printer's, and... well, it was just easier to order them.)

And then they have all that compact stuff on sale...

I've never been so glad for that 20% off code. :)

So I have fallen off the office-supply wagon and thought you all could be supportive in my time of need. (You know, that agonizing period where you're waiting for the order to get to your doorstep. That time of need.)

So, um, how is everybody? I haven't been coming here so I could avoid temptation, but I missed everyone...

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I feel your pain

If I didn't have a print shop at work with a large cutter, I might be doing the same. I just printed my 09 cal last night and will try to have it cut this afternoon. Then comes the punching.

Mine is a combination of the dynamic templates yearly and monthly, 2 pages per and the personal info from the DIY Official set. Classic sized. Year 2 with my own!

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i feel ya

**hugs** there's nothing wrong with treating yourself :D

i got my very first laptop a couple weekends ago and have submersed myself in freeware and shareware research and installation... and i'm trying to craft all the gifts i give for the holidays or at least the majority... so crocheting has taking a HUGE chunk of time... less time to covet things...

but then i went into the 'whats in your bag' group on flickr and now i want a new planner even though i know monthly is enough and i can grab one at any store (i get the 6.75x3.75 inch refills for the six hole planners and then circa smurf it)...

but i want a new pretty book~! /tantrum/ i thought about visiting the levenger site ... i even have an unopened catalog at home! i know what will happen... lol

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