I'm addicted

I'm so glad I found this website! For years I've been a Covey crazed loon, several years ago one of my previous bosses sent me to one of their "how to use the planner" seminar things so I've always just used that type of planner. I've been a stay at home mom for the last year and don't plan on going back to work for a few years so I haven't needed any type of planning device. I have a pocket pc type phone that can sync with my computer so I've been using my ical for playdates or appointments. I have now returned to school and was frustrated that I couldn't write notes quickly with it or my teachers wouldn't like me pulling it out to put my assignments on it in class because they think I am sending text messages so I bought a Covey planner from target. I really don't like the layout that came with it since it doesn't fit my needs and then I found this website!!!! It's like the clouds parted! I haven't printed or done anything yet but I can't wait to try!

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feel free to share pictures, stories or ask any questions that come up while you are revamping your system :D we all this stuff! ;)

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