DIY CD-case desk calendar for hubby

Every year I make a penguin-themed, CD-case desk calendar for my husband, who feels there are no calendars for him out there.

The 2009 edition is on my Flickr account.

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Did you know....

That there is a Mac app called Happy New Year that can automate CD jewel box calendars for you? Even better, set your language in the Numbers and dates in system prefs, and the language, etc. change. It's $10, but I've used it enough to long ago get my money's worth out of it. :-)


Yes indeed

But that is how much of a cheapskatge that I am, I do it all by hand. It takes me longer to find the pics than it does to do the rest of it.

love it! does it prop itself

love it!

does it prop itself up using the case? could you snap a picture of it "in action"? (i'm getting an idea for a christmas present - thank you!)

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Yes it does and yes I will.

Yes it does and yes I will.

thank you!

thank you for everything (especially the inspiration!) :D

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Is it asking too much to post the actual calendar?

So that one could simply swap the pictures? I realize this took you a lot of time, but what a great stocking stuffer. I'd like to make one for the grandparents that has the kids pictures. What do you do for paper?


I did not save the calendar. I can give more info on the process, of course, but I ditched the temp file once I had finished printing it.

Give me a few days and I'll have better pics and a detailed process description.

What a cool idea

Most photo calendars are in larger letter size format, so this is a great way to make smaller, less expensive calendars.

I figure one of the more difficult tasks would be to format each month's calendar. Do you have a source for it that we can copy and paste?


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Action Shot! (as promised)


First I go to and make the 12 month calendars, which I copy with a screen capture tool. Then I scoure the interwebs for cool penguin pics. Since I only do this for my hubby and there is only one copy, I don't bother keeping to only CC pics. I just use cool ones.

When I have both, I use the template for CD jewel case covers and I paste the calendars and the pics in, and then print them.

Once they are printed, I cut them with my ever faithful guillotine cutter and hand them to my husband to put in his calendar jewel case.


This is so neat!

I would never have thought of using that Avery template.

BTW, are the pages bound in any way? Or are they simply well enough behaved all by themselves?

No need to bound

The jewel case has little slots on the sides to hold the cover in place and that is quite enough to hold the pages in place.

screen capture tool

What do you use for a screen capture tool?

The OSX native screen

The OSX native screen capture tool.

I believe it is called ....


Appropriate, yes ?
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simply shift-command-3, or better yet, shift-command-4, which allows selecting the exact area you want to capture, or, upon hitting the space bar, an entire window's contents. No need to launch Grab to do this. :-)


What they said.

What they said.


This is really cool! I just might make one of these for myself rather than buying a wall calendar for my desk this year. Thanks for posting the pics!

And is that a slinky on the desk?

Yes. My husband uses

Yes. My husband uses slinkies, bug and small as a means of concentration when he is writing.

I haven't seen a slinky in

I haven't seen a slinky in years! They will always remind me of visits to my grandmother's house. She had stairs and we didn't so I kept a slinky at her house and would play on the stairs with them for hours.