Customizable Notepaper?

Does anyone have a link to a website that can create customizable notepaper to a pdf? Kind of like

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Hi Ya.

Hi Ya.

Do you mean sites like:
The Poketmod flash paper generator
Graph Paper in PDF

Or was there something more specific you had in mind?

I was actually looking for

I was actually looking for something specific but i think i might end up making my own.

I've been messing around

I've been messing around with OOo Draw in order to learn how to use it. As my first practice task, I ended up making classic sized lined pages with lines 6-per-inch, 5-per-inch and 4-per-inch. I can upload the PDFs if you think they would be something you could use.

Please upload the pdfs

I think they would be really useful.




See in the Template directory. Let me know if anything in them needs fixing.