Question for Admins - Review of Quo Vadis Planner

Hi - I think several of us signed up for that deal where we would receive a free planner if we agreed to review it. My free planner arrived today. I would like to review it and post it here - just wanted to make sure that was ok before I do. Thanks.

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Beat me to it

I got mine today as well. The planner starts in December and I'd like to actually use it a week to see how it works for me before I write the review. So mine won't be written for about two weeks. But do let us know if we can post it here even though it isn't really a DIY. If not I'll just post a link to my blog.


Got mine today too!

I received the "Minister" and it looks pretty nice so far, sleek, soft cover. The inside is set up nicely too but....thats all you get from me for now. I too would like to use it for at least a week or 2 to see how it works for me.



Pardon me for being a wet blanket, but I thought the idea was that you were supposed to post a review on your *own* website or blog?

Suppose the admins have already arranged for one of *them* to post a review here?


I don't think the two would be mutually exclusive -

I thought we all signed up for different ones so that we *could* review them here.... I just didn't want to be seen as advertising since that is frowned upon. I'm not affiliated though. And, personally, I would be interested to see what the others thought of the ones they received since we did all choose different ones.

I don't have a website or blog. I could do it on my facebook page and on the Quo Vadis site if people were really opposed.

I love notebooks

and there is a notebook topic on the forum. Of cours it's up to the administrators but as a diy planner reader I'd love to hear about users views on any product. There are really quite a few 'reviews' of sorts on that thread already

I plan on reviewing it on my own blog...

Although, I thought it would be something that people here may be interested in as well. So, while we review levenger products, rollabind and so on why not... Dont really see what the big deal is since this is a website devoted to those of us who appreciate planning tools.

DIYP Quo Vadis Reviews

You're welcome to post reviews here in the forums and let us know when you have and we can link it to the front page.

I have a request in to Quo Vadis for one of their planners so, I was planning on doing a review on the site. But I can't see why we can do multiple ones. Send me an email letting me know which version of the planner you have received. That way we can coordinate between styles.

Thanks and sorry for the delay in response, the dayjob has been keeping me busy lately (that and NaNo).



Hey, I'm no admin, the admins can have the site however they want. :)

Personally I was just thinking it would be a little weird to see five or six reviews of the same thing. I don't really object, I'm just kinda wondering if the Quo Vadis people themselves would find that a little excessive. Maybe I'm just old fashioned.

Just thought I'd ask, and now we all have the answer.


Yes, but...

It would not be several reviews of the same thing. It would be several reviews of SIMILAR things. I believe we each signed up for a different "model" of planner/organizer.

BTW, I have not yet received mine :(
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But, even the same planner would not equal the same review.

Even if there were a repeat style, I'm sure we would use it different ways. The prelabeled boxes just don't work for the categories of my life, so I'm already thinking of how to customize it. I think giving 10 (or more) people on this site the exact same planner and seeing what we each do with it would be fascinating.

Hope you get yours soon.

What is a review....

In my opinion a review whether it be from one person or many explains how they use it. If it works for them and what they do to make it work for them. I already have plans to add a ribbon bookmark, and possibly something on the cover to make it more "me". There are many things that we can do to make it DIY. I love tweaking things and I think companies like to hear how people add things so that they can make a better product. After all isnt that how market research is done? Using a test group and getting their feedback? We are all very crafty and innovative with planning so even if they were all the same planner I agree with "LisaPT" it would be facinating to see the different things that each person does with it.

Quo Vadis reviews

Well, I don't personally have a problem with it, but I'd prefer to keep the reviews for the same product within the same thread. In a way, it won't be any different than a set of epinions or Amazon reviews attached to a product. Thus the more the merrier, since there are quite a number of members on this site who have very valid and educated opinions on paper-based products. If QV have created a great product, we should be the first to cheer them on; if they haven't, we should be the first to point out the faults.

The only thing I ask is that people share their honest opinions, and not let their reviews of any product be coloured by PR reps or free products. This site should maintain that collective sense of integrity that I believe forms the basis for our reputation, and that establishes a level of trust among not only our members, but the entire industry that continues to intrigue us.

all my best,

a week of quo?

I was personally, thinking... that we could do a week of the quo vadis planners. So far, everyone who wants to do one... has emailed me and told me what planners they received. And so far, we've all got different ones to review.

But yes, I agree with doug, that we should all be honest in the review (and personally, I also like the suggestion of showing everyone how we use them).


How about a Drupal "Book" page ?

That would collect all the reviews together and leave each review kinda separate for individual commentary
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)