Full Year Calendar for Developing/Tracking Daily Habits

Full Year Calendar for Developing/Tracking Daily Habits

This is ridiculously simple, but I've had three friends ask for copies after they saw mine, so I figure someone here might want it.

I'm sure you all know about Jerry Seinfeld's trick of using a year-at-a-glance calendar to visually nudge yourself to write every day. There's an article about it here on Lifehacker [Admin Note: cleaned up the link for you (ygor)]

Obviously you can use the same technique for any daily type habit. I'm currently working on three habits: Write every day; Put in one hour a day on yard work/landscaping projects (nice days) OR interior decorating/household maintenance(non-nice days); Eat breakfast. (Believe it or not, that third one is the hardest for me.)

There's an on-line site where you can make 'chains', but I need the reminders to be 'constantly on' and physically linked to the habits. As in, my writing calendar is posted on the wall right beside my computer monitor, the landscaping one is on the door that leads to the garage, and the breakfast one is (surprise!) in my kitchen.

I spent a fair bit of time looking for a suitable calender in stores, but all the ones I saw were way too large for the wall space I wanted to use. So I made my own. It's nothing more than a .doc file with a single chart, 7 columns wide, 53 rows long. Each cell is filled by the date in "Jan 1", "Jan 2", .... "Dec 21" format. (The attached .doc has the dates arranged to match the days of the week for 2009.)

It prints out onto two sheets of 8.5" X 11" paper. I trim off the bottom margin of the first sheet and glue it overlapping the top margin of the second to make the calendar a continuous sheet. Stash a nice bright colored sharpie nearby and you're good to go.

YearlyHabit.doc19 KB
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I love the idea, but...

did you see the Two Pages per Year Dynamic Template ?

The last row of the first page is the same as the top row of the second page, so you could cut-and-paste it as described.
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No, I hadn't noticed that.

Would have saved me reciting over and over "30 days hath September" and so on. ;)

The bigger problem is that I am currently without a working printer, so I (shhh!) take files to work to print. It's one thing to get away with printing a couple of pages now and them, but I do not think installing an application would fly.

Or, maybe I could use you program. Do you have to print directly from it?

And thank you for fixing my link. I do NOT understand why I cannot retain the proper format for doing that. Or -- does the 'grammar' vary from web site to web site? Maybe that is what scrambles my neurons.

Nice to have something in Word, tho

I reduced the top and bottom margins and chose font size 6 and got the entire form on one page, and there is enough space for writing in a note, like number of hours worked or pages written, etc. I've seen calendars like this in several different formats, and it's nice to have a variety to choose from, Especially something in Word.

Glad you found it useful

and you must have much better eyesight than I do!

Or maybe I just like the larger size because the bigger 'links' make my progress look more impressive. :D

Seinfeld approach works

I used it to finish a PhD dissertation.