Print on leading edge, MAC and Canon i860

I'm really feeling like a moron here. I hope it's just something minor I'm missing. I'll try to describe my situation.

I'm trying to print the Hipster PDA templates out from my Apple Powerbook. I'm printing to a Canon i860 printer. I've used Adobe Reader, the Preview image viewer, etc. I think this is an issue with the paper handling.

I've set up a paper size of 3x5 with appropriate margins. If I try to print to the 3x5 cards I have, the printer just feeds the cards through and never prints on them. I figure I'd put a sheet of letter paper in to see if it's sensing that the printing is too big.

Imagine the paper feeding, face up, from the feeder try in the back. The paper feeds over half-way through before the printer starts printing. The printing, properly sized, is ending up in the lower-left corner of the sheet. What I think I need it to do is start printing on the LEADING edge, as soon as the paper is being fed.

I see no options or ways of doing this but I can't be the only person who's come up against this.

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I960 printing

I have a i960, and I am experiencing the same issues of the 3x5 card feeding through with nothing printing on the card. The setting have been changed to 3x5 card, but it won't print.
I'd like to know if you came up with a solution to this issue?

3x5 printing

I have a Canon ip3000 which may be similar. I have no problem printing 3x5 cards. One thing though: I place the cards against the right hand side of the feeder.

I have a Canon i860 and just

I have a Canon i860 and just printed out some hipster pda forms on 4x6 index cards. I didn't have a problem and as was suggested, try lining the cards up on the right hand side of the tray.

I did use the 4x6 card setup from within the Canon print settings. I didn't have to do anything other than that. Hope this helps.

I broke down and read the manual...


Standard paper: From A5 size (148.0 x 210.0 mm / 5.83 x 8.27 in) to legal size (215.9 x 355.6 mm / 8.5 x 14.0 in)
Non-standard paper: From 90.0 x 120.0 mm to 215.9 x 584.2 mm (From 3.54 x 4.72 in to 8.5 x 23.0 in)
Others: Envelopes (European DL and US Com. #10)

Our nice little printer can't print 3x5 index cards. :-(


Gutenberg Press...

Here is a little some thing to put a smile back on your face :) The 4-Up Version.

I noticed those but laziness won

I decided to start with 4x6 cards. The printer does 4x6 borderless with no problems. If I decide the cards are too big I'll move on to the 4up version. After all, I can just print more. :-)

i860 can print on 3x5!

After experiencing many of the problems discussed here previously, I found that I could print on 3x5 cards on the i860. As we know, the i860 prints fine on 4x6 paper, but even if we set up a custom 3x5 card size in page setup (in OS X and MS Word), it refuses to print on 3x5s. OK, so I selected 4x6 in the page setup (portrait mode) and formatted what I wanted to print along the left/upper corner of the 4x6 page, so that it would fit a 3x5 size if you were to trim the 4x6. Then, I loaded 3x5 cards in the portrait (vertical) orientation, and I could print directly on them! Cards were set up against the right hand side of the tray.

Admittedly, I wasn't printing hPDA templates, but this technique should work OK with those. If you use the hPDA template, you may have to adjust the page setup options in Acrobat so that the printable stuff is in the upper left corner of 4x6 page.

Worth a try. :-)

Mead index cards

BTW, I found that Mead 3x5 index cards work better than the Oxford cards, at least with my i860 in humid Hawaii conditions. The Mead card is smoother, whiter, and prints cleaner, but still inexpensive. I just happened to have both on hand and tested them.