Are you ready for the new year?

How many of yall are looking for something new for 2009?

I am in a very odd state of chaos... work duties are changing (without monetary adjustment), home life is crazy (sick kitty), and every other aspect is in some odd revolving haphazard existence.

for some reason i think either a new system or new planner will cure all this :D I love my daydreams ;P

anyone else looking for a new thing for 2009 or are you staying with what works? if it works ... care to share?

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I don't want to change.

I'm doing okay with my Circa compact agenda and the Lightning add-on for Thunderbird. My mail client is always open, so I can glance at my calendar easily. The agenda keeps my calendar and to-do lists handy for when I'm out.

I am, however, drooling over bibliomane's Chaos Contained planner. I'm thinking about doing Weekly and Daily checklists for my Circa agenda that look the same as those sections on her spreadsheet...



I'm in a pretty constant state of flux these days with respect to planning.

I finally gave up messing around with mail merge docs and whatnot and just started printing my calendar from Outlook each month. I use the 1/4 page booklet setting but I don't print double sided (one page per day, basically). So I've got my 1/4 letter calendar with all my regular appointments already included. I added birthdays, holidays, and other important personal dates so they'd be in there too. I'm debating printing double-sided, since I'm not using the backs for anything and the discs are slightly cramped at the moment.

For my to-do list, I went back to a sorta GTD list--my contexts are types of actions within the project I'm working on. It's sorta GTD because it's not all-encompassing.

I'm using post-it flags and tabs to mark certain items--yellow tabs for months, blue flags for Mondays (to make future days easier to find), red flags for my action list contexts. The flags are repositionable, so I can reuse my monday flags next month, reuse my red flags when I rewrite my lists.. The only problem is they're translucent, so writing on both sides is annoying. Labeler to the rescue there!

I'm separating my calendar from my lists--two separate small 1/4 letter rolla books with the smallest discs. My contacts and password hints are still in a 3x5 rolla book with slightly larger discs. The 3x5 size is very convenient for the most part, but I might need some flags there too, just to make flipping easier. Anyway, I'm separating these into different books to reduce flipping during the day. The calendar stays open on today unless I need to add an appointment, the to-do list stays open to what I'm working on unless I need to add something, the contact book stays closed unless I need to refer to something. All the books are tiny, so I have a separate large scratch pad rolla bound with nice hard covers that stays open on my desk.

Mostly I'm tweaking to reduce the amount of time/effort I spend on my setup. No mail merges and fancy crud just to print out the days. No double-entry for special days, etc. No hand-writing or retyping the standard appointments. No giant book to drag everywhere I go.

I think I'm also going to switch out my purse for a new one. I'm getting tired of the one I have--the three zip pockets are identical, so I'm always searching for stuff in multiple pockets, which is a huge drag. Leather is also heavy. I am mulling over a Baggallini Around Town bag, though I'm not sure I'll like the flap AND top zip combined.


Not sure.

I use a Circa Agenda in the class size. I've used this same basic set-up (weekly, lined calendar in classic size) for several years. Within each day, I put appointments at the top and any to do items that need to be done on a specific day at the bottom.

I currently work in the tax practice at one of the Big 4 public accounting firms and am constantly juggling appointments, different deadlines, etc. so this system works well for me. I'm leaving this job at the end of next week and going to a smaller firm. I'll be doing the same kind of work but I don't think I'll have the same number of internal deadlines so the classic size might be more than I need. I'll stick with the classic size for now until I get a feel of my new work flow.

Stick with what works

but maybe change it a bit.....

I have spent the last 6 months moving between different ways of being organised and wondered what diary I'd use and what else I might need.

When my partner walked in with a Castelli 2009 A5 page a day diary for me I knew I would stick with the same in terms of appointments. I put a line down each page and have appointments on the left and date specific to do items on the right.

I travel on rains and buses a lot so I also use a notepad (Rollabind from FC at the moment-classic sized) and I occasionally print off and place the weeks appointments in that if I need them and I've particularly enjoyed using a Bobs Your Uncle Multi Task book, which allows me to take notes, to do items and appointments in one slim lightweight book. It's not readily available in the UK so once I've used all the pages it's gone.

In the run in from 2008 to 2009 I cant carry two A5 diaries around so next years meeting dates get popped in a pocket Moleskine diary till I can transfer them, but I usually stop using this when 2009 comes into being.

I have far more difficulty keeping track of appointments than to do items!

I've decided I'm just a list person and have arollling list of what I need to do and just tick them off when I've done them.

bobs your uncle?

have you tried anything else in that line? i found that the dayplanner site has some for US folks...

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Robert's your mother's sister's husband...

Hi Sara

No I haven't. I just came across it by chance in a small stationery store in Edinburgh. It was pricey too (£11!) but I'm glad I splashed out. The pages are card weight I would say and take fountain pen, gel pen ballpoint and pencil well. The monthly planner section would last 18 months but the daily planner section (which might be like the 8 days a week planner wouldn't last that long. 80 days in fact. I rarely map out my whole day though so it works occassionally for me. I guess the to do section and the plain and grid pages could run out faster too but I use them for info I'm likely to use again and need for a while.

I like the feel, quality and layout a lot so I'm sure their notepads etc would be good too. No online supplier in the UK though there is a trade supplier so some stores could be selling them, it's just finding them.

The daily planner might be the easiest option in the US though I think it is a AS product so might be more widely available

Road warrior gear

I'm in outside sales so I'm actually downsizing from the 'vest pocket sized' commercial planner I used for '08. From At-A-Glance #70-1110 to #70-1111. Truely pocket sized. I can't lose it if it's on my person. We'll see how I like writing in 'mouse type' for a year.

I don't need to change

but I got that fidgety feeling to re-invent the wheel. So, to hedge it, I just DIY'd a new cover for my circa notebook that belongs in my purse. I scan every dollar store/ closeout store for plastic placemats with interesting pictures or flexible cutting boards in cool colors to cut and punch for new covers. I've been playing around with the quarter-sized pages (thanks for the idea, Shris) for quick at-home lists and Weight Watchers journaling. That size makes it so easy to cut and go. However, I still use 4 x 6 index cards to print my work calendar to keep with me and for reference info that always needs to be in the notebook. Both sizes fit in the purse notebook.

For work, I've decided that the traditional week-at-a-glance calendar on the left, notes on the right format works best for me. However, I just can't stand wasted space on my notes page once a week has passed. Instead of printing duplex with calendar on one side and notes on the other, I use whatever lined paper I have as notes pages and punch both sides of the long edge so that I can flip it over as I need to. This way, the notes pages are always on the right. In a busy week, I might use 2-3 pages for notes. On a not so busy week (like last week with the U.S. holiday), I might only use 1/2 of the face page. I print my work calendar by the week on both sides of the paper, and also punch both sides so that I can flip it over to the next week while still keeping it on the left side. I don't know if I explained it well, but at least now I'm using less paper and not carrying such a hefty notebook around work.

Same old same old

But all ready! Have to be. Awaiting the arrival of the next little one just after Christmas. Then, all the other projects around our little homestead: garden for next year, finish the bath remodel, build some bee hives and acquire bees, then, maybe milk goats. Seriously.

I merged, printed, cut and punched my 2009 classic sized Harvard-esque. It's waiting for insertion. I did make one change: I added significant dates to a blank field at the top of each week's page. Layout, however, is unchanged besides.

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i believe a

i believe a "congratulations" is in order :)

and i love that you are going to have bees and goats~! i dream of having the same some day with plenty of room for another dog :) and maybe a duck or chicken.

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Thank you!

Thanks for the congrats. Much appreciated.

On the critter front, I may have a dog to offer you, unfortunately. We have some chickens and she's developed a taste for them. My suspicion is that it's not going to be a breakable behavior. I'm going to do some digging, but we may soon be down to 1 dog, 2 cats and 13 chickens.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

thinking of switching to Levenger Circa letter size

It seems like I'm just getting busier & busier and I have more & more stuff that is letter size I want to carry along with me. I'm getting tired of printing out things on 1/2 a page & cutting it down to Junior/Classic/half letter size or folding it & putting it in my planner.

The thing is this size - Junior size just seems to work for me. I wonder if I just need a folder or some kind of zippered binder I can throw my extra papers and my planner in? Or have a letter size planner with a pocket sized calendar/notebook for when I'm on the go?

98% of the time, or maybe more often if I'm doing anything with my planner, I'm at a desk at home or work, so it's not like space is a big deal.


double-size page protectors


I forget who it is, but somebody sells double-size page protectors. That is, a page protector for a classic notebook that holds letter pages (landscape, folded).

So if you have letter pages, you'd just stuff them in the page protectors until you get where you can punch them or do whatever.

Otherwise there are lots of letter folios, folders, pouches, etc. you could carry in addition to your planner. Definitely no shortage of stuff to look at, especially if you don't want to mess around with punching the stuff you want to carry.

If you want it to be circa punched, you could buy a single plastic file folder and punch that--there are some flickr photos of that approach, I think. It works very well just for keeping stuff handy, and when you're done with the project (if it was a project folder) you can just pop out the rings and file the whole folder in your reference materials if you even want to keep it.