Circa/Rollabind Durability?

Okay, I found this website while I was trying to find inspiration for my own planner layout. Now, I am at the point where I want to get it put together - but I don't know how!
I am going with Classic size. I am going to be using it all the time, and in school, so it's going to be going in and out of my backpack. Ashamed as I am to say it, I will not be careful with it after the first two weeks. It is going to get squished and smashed and bent up.
I was originally going to just get it bound with a plastic coil at Kinkos. Now I'm seeing all this Circa/Rollabind stuff, and I am wondering if I could go with that?
Will Circa planners take a beating?

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They will, if..


If your planner has a good durable cover, it will take a beating. If you get the translucent plastic covers, after a while it will look like it took a beating (scuffed and scratched). If you keep your planner reasonably full of paper, and you use some closure method to keep it closed, it will not come apart in your bag regardless of how it flops around, and the paper will stay nice.

The nice thing is that if you like the translucent plastic covers and you decide to buy a punch, you can obtain your own supply of plastic covers and replace them whenever they start looking disreputable. You can also DIY your own thicker covers using book board, if you have a punch and some basic supplies and tools.

Note that if your bag is full and your planner is wedged in with your textbooks, it will stay nice looking for a long time. The scuffing I'm talking about is tossing it into your gym bag with shoes after you've run around on gravel roads.. :)



I would probably recommend getting the coil binding at Kinkos. Try to see if they can put a nice stiff cover on it though to help with the squishing and smashing... Also, I put a rubberband around my notebooks before I throw them in my bag which seems to help.

If you go the circa/rolla route you will probably want to buy the hole punch at some point and that gets expensive!

So, my advise is keep it simple and get is coil bound!

if you are going to be rough

if you are going to be rough with it, then perhaps you should think about getting something cheap. like cheap plastic covers that can be replaced from time to time, and so on. i would certainly not recommend circa, not that i am saying they are of inferior quality, but you'll have to get the punch as well because buying the paper and having it shipped to you is expensive in the long run. and even though the leather circa notebooks are more durable, you dun want to be rough with them, for they cost a mint.

anyway, try the cheaper route first. if you find it not good enough, you might want to go for the more expensive route. but right now, focus on the cheapest means that can get u out at the same time.

I have a circa PDA with

I have a circa PDA with plastic covers. I don't sit on it, but it goes in and out of various pockets all the time, and while it's looking just a little worn, it still looks great and is most certainly not falling apart.
And my brother is using circa notebooks for grad school. Made a cheap supply run for some plastic covers and paper, which I'm pretty sure aren't as thick as the circa covers, and again has no problem with durability, or with pages staying on the discs.

CIrca/Rollabind Durability

I echo the opinions here about Circa/Rolla durability. I've been carrying a Circa PDA in my back pocket since they first came out (~2 years I think?). It's a little bit warped and scuffed, but the contents are protected just fine. The rings don't pop off even under those conditions. I also have a leather letter-size foldover cover that I take on business trips and it's holding up great. I use both Circa and Rolla clear and black covers as file folders, which means they bump and slide into each other a lot, and they all are still in fine shape.

It costs a little more up front, but it has saved me money over time I believe. I reuse the rings and covers extensively, and they don't wear out. The last time I had to worry about a notebook falling apart was the one that caused me to switch to Circa/Rolla.