playing darts with fountain pens?

First I'll wait a couple seconds to let anyone who nearly had a heart attack at the suggestion in the title of this post to recover... All better? I wasn't seriously suggested it. My wife saw a commercial on the TV that showed a guy playing darts with a fountain pen then stabbing a pop can with it and then writing with it. The commercial said they were available at Giant Eagle (a grocery store in our area). So guess where we went since we had to pick up some cat food? No luck finding these pens.

So I poke around YouTube looking for the commercial. This is the one, without the list of stores that sell it: I tried to go to the website but it is an under construction page. A quick Google search turns up these probably retailed for $49.95 originally. 6 pens/pencils and refills for all of them for under $50? I've got major doubts on the quality here. Anyone ever try these?

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More like $30 rather than $50

According to, but they are selling it for $20
Observation: looks like a broad nib. I prefer fine or a thin medium myself
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I've got the fine point of those...

I have that set (last Christmas); my FP was a fine nib. Performance-wise: it writes like it was one of those that punched through the can. It's rough, and hard to keep the ink flow going in. If you don't write with it for, say, a couple of days, you can pretty much save yourself the time trying to get it going again, and go ahead and pull the cartridge, soak/wash, dry, all the normal cleaning jazz, and reinstall the cart.

I've had a bunch of FP's in the past, but this one nearly hits rock bottom. Shame, too, because it looks and feels really good. But if it doesn't write, what's the point.

I also recognize that I may have gotten a dud, and YMMV. :-)


probably not worth $30

After these reviews and the responses I got on the fountain pen network I think I'll save my $20 or $30 and spend it elsewhere.