The Dangers of Leaving Your Notebook Lying About

This passage from "The Last Plantagenets" by Thomas Costain made me laugh. It's talking about King Henry VII of England, and the time frame is sometime between 1485 and 1500:

Being a believer in system, he kept a notebook with him and entered everything in it; what he had spent, what he had decided, who was to be punished and who rewarded, his private opinions of people and events. This was well known and all the officials of the state and all the nobles and servants at court walked in fear of what the well-thumbed book contained. One day, through some unusual lapse, he left the book carelessly about and someone saw that it fell into the hands of the pet household monkey. The result was that the pages were torn to pieces and scattered about the royal domain...

Moral of the story: Always guard your notebook, especially around monkeys!

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To think what would happen to my notebook if the little yellow-haired monkey that rules my household were to get hold of it...

WinZip encryption

The ubiquitous 'WinZip' has very good encryption. I only write on paper that which I assume could fall into other hands. For the few passwords and account numbers I need on the fly, I encode them. (Made up my own code). For that which no one else will ever see, I put into a Word doc, then zip it, then encrypt it. Monkeys, have at it. :-)