Day Timer Desk pages and Filofax A5 binder?


I'm new here, though I have been lurking for ages.

Does anyone know if Day-Timer Desk size pages will work in a Filofax A5 binder? If not Day-Timer will another brand work, like Franklin Covey?

Thanks for your help and for all the great ideas shared on this site.

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Sorry, I believe not

I am reasonably certain that Day-Timer Desk is the same size as Franklin-Covey Classic -- 5.5 x 8.5 inches

A5 is a European page size 148 × 210 mm or about 5.8 × 8.3 inches

Are you looking for pages for a binder you have or a binder for pages you have ?
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Hole spacings might be similar

Ygor is of course right about the size difference.

I have found the ring spacings between the Filofax personal and the FC Compact to be the same but I'm not sure about A5 and classic size.

Size wise, the paper will usually fit in either binder depending on how generous the binder size is but it's not perfect. Sorry I know nothing about Day Runner.

Day Timer Desk pages and Filofax A5 binder?

No they won't work because Day Timer punch 7 holes and Filofax punch the DayTimer paper won'rt line up with the Filofax rings.

I have run both at diferent times and was whilst trying to make up my mind switching between DayTimer and Filofax.

I have for this year settled on Filofax Time Management (A5) for work and a Moleskine large weekly planner for home........seems to work so far but is not ideal.