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Had to stop by Office Depot today - they have an incredible selection of fun and new products. Among those that caught my eye:

1) generic moleskins in all sizes. It's a bit of a downgrade - but same idea - various sizes with the nice rubber band thingy. No inside pocket. Nice paper.
2) Family calendar line - now these are cool - everything is color coded - every member of the family has a color - they had a fridge calendar, a planning center, all kinds of neat things, even a dry-erase message board with boxes in 5 different colors so that theoretically you could leave notes/reminders for your spouse and each of your kids.
3) Journals, journals - oh my - so many new types of bound books. Beautiful ones, plain ones, ruled, not ruled - all good paper and in three different sections of the store. I could have spent a paycheck on those alone
4) In the daytimer section they had a neat selection of "expandable" notebook covers - these would make great replacement Circa covers - I didn't take measurements, but looks like you could work with them for letter and junior - same idea as the Foldovers and Zipfolios, but way cheaper.

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Would you be able to get some SKU numbers ?

Some of this stuff described might be available on their web site
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I didn't think to, but will "google"

hey - you know, that would have made sense :)

I was in a quick run looking for pouches for my new laminator. Came out without pouches but a handful of other stuff. I'll take a few minutes this am and post some links.


Examples of the journals: (this one was also available in sets of 3)

Family Calendar
Couldn't find on, but here's a link to the line - they had most of them in the store - really cool concept, wish I had come up with it.

I particularly liked the "info center" - will be great when my kids are bigger.

I think this is what I thought would hold a Circa nicely at a fraction of the cost. Not sure, the one in the store was brown like Saddle:

Cannot find the moleskin rip-offs - they may be too new. They were right up front.

Does that help?

Notebook covers

I've used those with my circa notebooks. They work very, very well. The only thing is that you can't use the foldover function of the notebook unless you take it out of the cover. If that isn't important to you, than I would definitely suggest this as a cheaper alternative.


maybe i can quench my "new planner" for 2009 thirst at Office Depot this weekend... thanks for the heads up!

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Sara - you'll get a kick out of this

Since you were the beneficiary of my previous rounds of pen testing... Yes, I got more new pens :)