Heckuva deal on Circa discs

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Good deal if...

you do not mind all one color and all one size.

The normal price of equivalent discs (Rollabind Jumbo) is about triple this - 18 cents per for 250 // 20 cents per for 50
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Levenger eBay one-day auctions

Also, for anyone interested: starting on Monday they are doing some one-day auctions.

I remember those from last year -- I loved them! They were selling nice, gift-worthy (ok, there were a couple of gifts-to-self, admittedly) stuff and it was kind of fun to have the quick turn-around on the auctions. They also have pens and paper on sale for the next couple of days.

One-day auctions - please post if you see them hit....

I have checked twice this am - haven't seen anything yet - please post if you do.

Levenger eBay update

Since inquiring minds want to know... I emailed to ask :-)

The one-day auctions will be posted about 6:00pm Pacific time, everyday from today through Sunday. They said they have some nice stuff, even ordered in some new stuff to sell.

Also - another pen and paper sale starting this Thursday.

Thank you!!!

That was nice of you - save me the trouble of checking every two mins. I hope the pen I just ordered doesn't go on sale. Then I'll feel bad about it... Gah.

These are starting to hit.

Just saw a dozen or so go on, 23 hours 55 mins remaining on this round.

25% off, no minimum, for those who are not anti-levenger

For those of you who still have the Lev-addiction, I"m assuming everyone has it already, but just in case - the 25% off, no minimum code is Enjoy258