So what is High Tech, Low Tech, and even De-Tech?

In my journaling I cycle between computerized and handwritten about every year. Each time I switch back to the keyboard I'm pleased at how much more clear (and readable!) the letters are, as well as how much faster I can type versus write by hand.

Every time I switch back to handwritten it's because I have to have a computer with me to write in it, I have to back it up, print it out eventually, etc. etc. Being of an aesthetic bent, I also think handwriting has *soul*, and I get to use my fountain pens and ink according to my mood.

For the last two years I've been using a Palm for my calendar, to-do's and other lists. It's an almost-fit which is maybe more irritating than a bad fit. My problem: the Palm is dumb and is a not-ready-for-prime-time technology. A Palm and whatever other electronic gadgets I use to stay organized are, in my opinion, low tech. Yup. They obfuscate almost as much as they help because of a dumb interface.

Our brains are definitely more "high-tech" than any device we've made to augment them. Our ability to scan, generalize, recognize patterns outstrips any capabilities most software can handle. It's kinda too bad that paper and writing're the best way so far to do this.

What's your opinion? When you 'embrace the paper world' are you de-tech-ing?

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