I can't open OpenOffice files


I can't open the OpenOffice files which are in the template zone.

When I try to open a zip-file I just find several weird files in it.
Could somebody tell me how to open them? Or give me the link to an instruction.


(I am using OpenOffice)

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change extension

Some web browsers add the .zip to the end of the file. Remove it, and if necessary, change the extension to .odt or .odg (depending on whether it's a text or graphics file) and see if that works. Alternately, you can simply use the open file dialog from within OOo to open the files with the .zip extension (at least that's worked on my Mac, as did dragging the file to the Dock icon for OOo)

OOo files are simply zip files containing the stuff you find when you unzip them. That's why this is happening.


Opening .odg & .odt files

When to I change the files to .odt form .zip? When I click on the file name with .odt it automaticlly goes to .zip even though I have OpenOffice. I really like some of these forms, such as I Dood It, however I am unable to bring it up.

try opening

Try opening the files from within OpenOffice, instead of from the desktop/explorer/Finder. I've never had any problems getting OOo to open files with .zip at the end doing this. You could also try dragging the files onto the OOo icon.


Thank you

Thank you for the tip. I have been able to save to my desk top and print from OpenOffice. Thanks again.