Which are the best paper quality for White/Blank index cards (3 x 5)

I like printing my templates on blank index cards. Ive tried Oxford index cards and they are HORRIBLE!!! The ink seeps through and the stock is very very soft. I tried Mead and thats probably the best cards ive tried [besides levenger]. The stock is great and the ink does not seep at all

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Best quality for what ?

printing on or writing on ?

You wanna buy an eMate ? I still have a few.
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It would probaby be expensive

It would probably be expensive, but you could try the Avery index card templates. As a bonus you wouldn't have to feed each one since they are several to a page. I use the post card size for all kinds of stuff.

i bought a pack of those but

i bought a pack of those but I still have not been able to use it because idk how to print onto them.

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i bought a pack of those but I still have not been able to use it because idk how to print onto them.

Proud owner of a Newton 2100

They don't have a template number on them?

Avery usually provides the template number. How many per page? For example, here is the template for three per page, #5388


Roll your own


The trick is finding the right stock. Once you have the right stock you can cut cards out with any paper cutter.

For example, you could ask the copier center to make a copy of something onto 1 sheet each of all the different card stocks they offer (writing down which one is which). Take that home and try it out with your pen/printer and see which one you like.. Or just buy some and try it.

I have to say that most of the card stocks I've tried are not that hot with my HP laser. Maybe it doesn't get hot enough or something, but the toner doesn't seem to want to stick to it as well as it does to paper. I end up with smearing on my finest lines. Very strange.

You can get five 3x5 cards per sheet of letter size paper if you cut it right.


Some card stock too rough

I found some card stock too rough to make a good index card. Pre-fab index cards are actually quite smooth. And ditto the laser printer output. Not very durable for me either.

cardstock from the craft store...

I use the cardstock for scrapbooking as my index cards. I will purchase a large package when they are half off and cut them to the size I need. That gives me more options with colors as well, I found a pack with white, off white, light beige, light grey and medium grey. Those are nice to use for different topics, I occasionally will use one shade for my small to do list I add into my planner, and keep extras in the back. My more stretched out to do list is another color and a larger size. Makes it quicker and easier to identify which list I need. You can buy the 8.5 x 11.5, or 12 x 12. I have found that works best for me and is cheaper than buying it at an office supply store, especially since the craft stores tend to have 50% off coupons floating around.

I have never used...

Previous discussion here or Fountain Pen Network suggested ACCO brand 3x5 cards were good. Suppose to be available at KMart. Since I'm 60+ miles from KMart, haven't tried, but still on my wishlist.

ACCO does not make index cards

No luck finding ACCO index cards. Not even in their website. Can you send me a link of the original post?

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