Post-It 3x5 Index Card Moleskine GTD system

I just thought of a brilliant idea! I was at the local officemax today and saw some post it 3x5 cards (Blank). I was looking at flickr to check how I could implement GTD on my moleskine. I thought post it was the best way to go. but then I thought... What if I print the DIY planner templates on 3x5 post its and putting them on my moleskine! :) Has anybody tried this before?

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Haven't tried it but..


I'm going to suggest that you be extra careful running sticky stuff through your printer. I would guess they'd mostly not take kindly to that sort of treatment. If you have an inkjet with a straight paper path you might get away with it--but a laser isn't going to be happy with glue, even if you leave the backing paper on. The heat will soften the glue and make a mess.

If you want sticky 3x5s, you might want to get some repositionable adhesive and regular 3x5 cards. :) Check the scrapbooking section, there are various types of applicators--what I had in mind is the gadget that lays down a line of adhesive the same way the correction tape gadgets do.. You can stick that on the back of your 3x5 card and stick/restick as needed.

That would probably be a little too much ongoing effort for me. :) I like plain paper, mostly, these days.


Been discussed

This has been discussed before, but I don't think it was in the context of the 3x5 stickies. What was discussed was sticking them to another sheet of paper, but with the 3x5 stickies, I bet you could just stick them to real 3x5s, and run them that way. Like Sris, I would discourage from printing them straight.


3 x 5 Post-Its

I've printed on 3x5" Post-It's by printing first on plain paper, then putting a Post-It over the paper in the right spot, then printing again. You should set the job up so that the sticky side goes into the printer first.

Another option

Buy a stick of restickable glue and make your own Post-it style papers from your favorite media. Use whatever cardstock you like (print a big sheet and then cut) and then add the glue to the back for Post-It-like functionality.

Sounds like...

a Dungeons & Dragons Artifact:
The Rod of Seven Parts
The Machine of Lum the Mad
and the horrifying Stick of Restickable Glue
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I found this online, and

I found this online, and thought it might be helpful to those wanting to print post-it notes.

5 steps to printed Post-Its

Most important

The most important part, I believe, is to overlap the postits. That will keep the lower ones from peeling up, and jamming the printer. I guess that you would start applying them from the botto up. Makes utter sense, and the genius of the simplicity is one immediately things, "I should have thought of that!" but didn't. :-)

Thanks for the link! I may actually try printing for on postits for the first time. :-)


More detail here
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)