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My mother has been doing weight watchers....and is now literally half the person she use to be! A few months ago I introduced her to circa, and she loves it. She uses compact size and it is perfect for her every day needs to keep important info, weight watchers logs, and other essentials. What made it perfect for her was the ability to rearrange the pages, and start over if she made a mistake...just pull the page out. So She was using the full page ruled sheets to keep track of her diet, until they came out with this new Momentum program. So I did some research and came up with my version of this. With a little DIY tweaking and motivational bits here and there this is what I came up with. She loves it and I have printed out double sided pages on compact size paper I cut myself and punch to fit the circa notebook.

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Multiple Sizes
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The weekly page goes first, on the back of that a daily page, after that print out 3 pages of daily double sided and you have a whole week on 4 sheets.

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microsoft excel
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I love it.. thank you

I love it.. thank you

Weight Watchers + Datebook

I'm looking for something that combines the WW points tracker (so your first file) and a date book... so, sort of a two page spread with a 7a-11p daily spread on one side, and the WW tracker on the other side... but I'm terrible at designing for myself, believe me I've tried. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Fantastic ! I live in France

Fantastic ! I live in France now, but they still have WW here... and Proxavit helps me reducing the fat. But to help me keep going with WW, this should be very powerful ! Thanks !