Has anyone tried M by Staples line of notebooks and journals?

I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the new Staples brand notebooks and journals. I'm eyeing the refillable journal jacket that's $20 (on sale now for I think $16) , but i want to know what the quality of the paper is. Also if it can be refilled by other paper, like a moleskine.

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I've been using the 5" x 8.25" 'Markings' by C.R. Gibson notebook from Staples for about a year. Logo looks the same as the 'M' line. It's holding up great. Made just like a Moleskine except I like the slightly shinier black leather better. Not exactly like what you describe, in that it's bound vs. refillable. Paper quality of this one is same or even better than Moleskine, but I only use Gel pen ink in it.