I guess it's time I stop lurking and start participating. Half a year ago, I seriously needed to get my act together and my life in order. I've been using the covey system and it has helped a lot, but I wish I had found this site a lot sooner. My covey planner works well for me, but thanks to this site, I realized how much I can customize my system, especially with hPDA cards. I also found out how people use those moleskines. Most importantly, this site got me really interested in journaling, which seems like something that will help me greatly.

What are some other good journal websites? Not just "how to's" and prompts, but also product reviews and cost saving tips? I posted on the notebook section about this, but has anyone have any experience with M by Staples journal and notebook paper?

Also, the pictures of people's kit inspired me to create my own. I'll post what I've come up with when it's all together.


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Welcome aboard!

There's always room for one more...and pictures of your system and ideas are always welcomed!