Ubiquitous Data Capture Device v.1.0

I’ve created the UDCD, ‘Ubiquitous Data Capture Device’ for fast note-taking. Useful for days off, as it has no calendar. More durable than the PocketMod as it uses the well established index card base. UDCD v.2.0 in development and to be released soon. Photo at:

See: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21998625@N02/3118662940/

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This is great!

Handy, easy to make, more durable than paper. Thanks for sharing your idea!


92% tongue in cheek, but I'm carrying one now. :-)

v. 2.0 could include a colored staple

...or a colored index card. Seriously, though, it really IS a good idea. I used to keep my shopping list on an index card. Then I got tired of throwing the index card away when it got too scribbly so I started writing items on a post-it note and sticking that on the index card. Post-it notes had a way of getting rubbed off/mangled in my purse so I started folding the index card and putting the post-it on the inside. So I was almost up to what you did.

Love it

I've been reading this site too long. After seeing the picture, my brain started designing templates for your design.

The author Anne Lamott says

The author Anne Lamott says she carries an index card with her when she goes out, folded lengthwise. So you're onto a good idea here, Lex.

I would try it, except my index cards, purchased from Levenger many years ago, are portrait instead of landscape.