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After computer crashes, email changes and adding twins to my family I'm back with the Open Office doc that seemed to have gone missing. I hope some of you find this helpful :)

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

I lamenated mine and use an overhead marker to check things off

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Open Office and bluehigh font
flyladykit.odg31.44 KB
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Request for export

Could you export this from Open Office to Word and post it? Thanks to some new and exciting computer restrictions at work, I cannot install Open Office. When I try to open the .odg file with MS Word I just get a bunch symbols on the page. Thank you.

OpenOffice from USB

You can easily run OpenOffice directly from a USB stick. That way you do not need to install anything on any other computer and you do not leave any files behind.

If you google "Open Office Portable" you will find a link to PortableApps[dot]com. There you will find everything you need - and free too! :-)


Please be careful

Government run workplaces forbid the use of USB sticks because one pinhead brought a virus into the Pentagon on one.
Typical sledge hammer solution on the barn door after the horses have all run away.

However, you can run OO from one just like Schollert said, provided this does not break any other rules.
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