Festive Good Wishes

The site has been a bit quiet and it's probably a sign that no matter how well you plan, at this time of year we're all out doing. I may well be doing and not surfing for the next few days too so I'd like to wish everyone on the site a Merry Christmas. In Scotland New Year is often the bigger celebration. I dont know if other's who live in the north have the same emphasis but when you only have a few hours of daylight in a day you crave the new year and the longer daylight hours.

It's also a time for reflection and that may be something you dont need to do every year when things are good but it can be very useful when things are not going well because closing the door on a bad year can be very therapeutic. So whether you're looking back on a good year or slamming a door shut, I'd like to wish you 'awrabest' (that's all the best) for the coming year and thank everyone on diyplanner for all their chat and helpful hints in this last year.


The Pookster

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year everyone!