My new digital backup - Sunbird

Last year I posted about scanning my paper appointment planner each week to create a digital copy in case I lose my book. '08 went without incident but I'm still playing it safe. I just discovered the free Mozilla Sunbird portable version calendar software. It runs from a memory stick. Lots of desk-bound folk know MS Outlook like the back of their hands. Similar concept except I'm stuck with a corporately locked-down laptop that was given and can be taken away. With my calendar on a stick I can use it on multiple machines. I think it'll be faster to enter appointments at night to Sunbird than to scan my paper book and name and sort files. I'll still use paper in the field but Sunbird is my new 'backup'. If interested see:

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A little more about Sunbird

Sunbird is a standalone program, but the same code also produces the Lightning add-on for Thunderbird. So if you use Thunderbird for your email you can just install the add-on instead of running another separate program.

I use Lightning as my main desktop calendar. I have the Google Calendar add-on, so I see my GCal in Thunderbird. (I also sync my GCal with my iPhone. One calendar, many places. And I can share it.)

Also, I don't remember if I mentioned this, but someone is working on a Remember the Milk add-on for Sunbird/Lightning so that you can sync your to-do list with the RTM server. I'm looking forward to this one.

Oh -- and Thunderbird works on a flash drive too. So you can carry your email and settings around with you from machine to machine. I love Mozilla.

Tried but

Tried T.bird Portable before Sunbird but it would not connect to retrieve my Gmail. Tried everything, read everything. Good ol' corporate lockdown. Others will probably find Thunderbird useful too.