Adobe Question

I am printing the DIY Planner from template to make gifts for two of my relatives (this year I'm actually making bound books!). I'd like the print color to be other than black/grey.

I have a Dell color laser printer and Adobe Acrobat 8.

Is there a way I can change the color of the printed areas to what I want instead of black? I'm looking for a dark sepia for one and a navy blue for the other.

I've fiddled around in Acrobat, but haven't been able to find what I want.


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Printing prefs

I don't know about Dell printers, but with my Canons, there is a "Color" section in my Mac's print window, where I can choose things like sepia and color tinting. They print out quite well with blue and green tints. :-)


It had to be you ...

I remember seeing someone comment along those lines, though I thought there was a way to do this within Acrobat.

I'll have to dink around with my printer settings a bit more and see what I can turn out.

If anyone else has any ideas, I'm very open to them.

Thanks Jon!


Try this in Acrobat Reader

Preferences -> Accessibility -> Replace Document Colors

Good Luck !
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My Hero!

Thanks so much, Ygor! I think this will work!



Not on hardcopy

I played with this a bit last night and it doesn't seem to translate to the hard copy, only on my display. )c: ::sigh::

It was worth a shot, though. Thanks gents.



... Just a thought - Are you sure your printer is set up to print in color? I only ask because I have done that before... Set Adobe up in color and then forgot to choose color on the print set up too?? My default on my color printer is to print in black/white unless I change it...