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I ordered a leather circa pda from rollabind on Dec 4 and I still have not received it. I called the customer service and they told me that they would call me in 30 minutes but they never did. Has anyone ever had this problem?

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Did you call again ?

I would.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I called again

No return Im gonna report them if they dont call back

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direct order from Rollabind?

Is this a direct order from Rollabind's website? I've never bought actual Rollabind products from them. Only from Staples. Franklin Covey is starting to carry Rollabind products too. Their customer service is great - especially since there is a store here in Columbus. I really hope they expand their Rollabind selection. Not much right now.


I just ordered discs from them

It was a direct order thru
I used the free shipping option and it went thru with no problems
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

ordered disks earlier this week

The order status us "processing" - I hope that means it's going through okay.

Same here

Mine has been processing for about 1 month

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I ordered a letter-sized

I ordered a letter-sized leather binder cover from them at the end of December and have not received it yet. I've called customer service twice to find out what's going on.

The first time I called them, they told me it was on back order and sent me a plain plastic cover binder with paper as a temporary replacement.

I called them a second time yesterday, and was told the first batch was incorrectly manufactured (12 ring punches instead of 11)and that they expected them within the next 2 weeks.

Their customer service is excellent when you call them. They are not very proactive in keeping me up-to-date as problems occur.

In general, I have had good service from them in the past, and their prices can't be beat.

Processing = your order could be anywhere... (long rant, sorry)

***** UPDATE: My references to the "female rep" is Jack's assistant Ashley. During the past few weeks, she has been helpful to the extent that she is empowered to be. She has been passing my messages and requests for refunds to Jack for processing so I believe the lack of true customer support comes from Jack Feldman. Rollabind is a only two-person shop, so you may want to take that business model into account when deciding to do business with Rollabind.

I apologize that this long rant has to be my first post, but I do want *everyone* at DIY Planner to be "buyer-" and "customer service-aware". I will never do business with Rollabind again.

In fact, I just called them today to cancel my order. Skip back 1.5 weeks ago to my online order for a desktop hole puncher. I called a couple days later to follow up and make sure I'd receive it before the next weekend. The rep adamantly assured me it was in stock and would be shipped out. Four days later, I checked the status of my order online and *it still said "processing"*. Confused, I called them back. The rep said she was new and had to look up my order, and would call me back within one hour. 3 hours later, no call. Called again and spoke to someone else (a guy). Said he'd look into it and would call me back. Just before the end of the day, I called again and got *another* person. She said I'm also new and will need to get back with you. I asked for the manager and after a bit of reluctance, she asked me to hold while she checked the status:

THEY WERE WAITING FOR THEIR SUPPLIES TO CLEAR CUSTOMS!!! And it would be at least another 2 weeks before they could bring them in, process them and ship them out. What the ... ?

Not only does their website not tell the truth (i.e "out of stock"), but their staff is apparently incapable of finding/telling the truth. Now it is today, Monday, April 27th. I called them to cancel my order at 10am EST and the female rep told me she'd have the supervisor call me back since he was the only one who could cancel the order. 3:30 EST and no call back. Called them again and simply asked for the manager. With a condescending "You know that you can only get this punch from us since we're the only supplier" comment, he reluctantly said he'd cancel my order. Well, I'm checking my account online now 10pm EST and it still says, "Processing".

Please take everyone's experience with Rollabind into account before deciding whether or not to do business with them. This is simply mine and I felt it was necessary to voice my concerns.



I had issues with my first Rollabind order too...

Back in January of this year, I placed an order at It took several weeks and a phone call before I got my order. Needless to say, I was leery of ordering again. However, I wanted some of their clear rolla/circa rings, so I finally gave in and placed an order last weekend for a few sets of various-sized clear rings and some other assorted stuff. Lo and behold, my order arrived yesterday - 5 business days after I placed the order! Wow! Oh - and the clear plastic rings work as well as the Levenger black plastic rings. The Rollabind faux metal finish rings do not work so well (neither do the Levenger faux silver finish rings). I haven't tried any other colors.

Houston, we have a BIG problem here

I think this link will paint an appropriate picture :

Sad, but I see the writing on the wall.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Sad is right.

Maybe I'll try my luck and order some more discs before they go belly-up. My first order was an ordeal, but my last order arrived in less than a week - maybe I can go 2 for 3?

Patent issues

I read the legal PDF linked at the top of the page. Did I read that right, anybody can make disks because the patent is unenforceable?

Maybe the Feldman's would be willing to liquidate to Doug or ygor. (That's a joke) I hope Levenger keep the Circa line alive. I need some more disks man.

Looks like Levenger and Rollabind deserve each other

both come off looking like a bunch of con artists and I'm happy to not deal with either company.

Ditto on Trouble Receiving Orders from Rollabind

I have also had a terrible time receiving my order from Rollabind. I ordered a few products a couple months ago. I still haven't received my full order. I was disgusted to learn that Rollabind charged me for the products the day I ordered them.

I finally cancelled the order yesterday and am waiting to confirm that I have been refunded.

The customer service is awful!!!! I made daily phone calls. They would say they'd send a partial order, and I'd confirm this. Yet, day after day I'd receive calls inquirying as to whether I wanted a partial order shipped. I asked to speak to a manager--never happened. I sent letters via the "contact us" section on their website. I never received any replies.

Hey, don't worry...

It's *only been 3 weeks* since I've first requested a refund ... and I've still not received my money!

I've gotten the "Sorry, Jack's not in...", "Really? You've not gotten the refund? Let me get back to you..." and the kicker: "Hmmm. We don't have your credit card info on the system. Let me get it again and I'll get back to you."

I called again this past Monday and spoke with Jack Feldman directly. He's *assured* me that he'd process the refund (via his accountant, of course). It's now Thursday and I see no refund or a pending transaction for a refund. So now he's going to call his accountant again and "call me back".

I get the feeling Rollabind is now a one-man shop. There was an assistant in the previous weeks, but now there's only Jack in the office. The assistant verified with me a while ago that it was just the two of them working.

Good luck!

call your bank

I went through this with them two years ago. When I hadn't gotten a refund on my card after a month of phone calls and run-around, I called my bank and disputed the charge. The bank posted the money back to my account, but I have no idea whether they were ever able to collect from Rollabind.

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

Rollabind and Franklin Covey

I was told by two different store managers the reason Franklin dropped the Rollabind products was just what's described here...Franklin didn't get all the products they were suppose to have (including a paper punch)...and they know without the punch the system was useless.

I am in the same boat and

I am in the same boat and posted about it a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I used my debit card so when I contacted my bank they said I could absolutely dispute the chage and they would issue a charge-back after I filled out some paperwork -- *but* my debit card would be canceled and I would have to be re-issued another one. I don't use cash or checks, only my debit card and all of my utilities are on auto-pay with it. :( It's a HUGE pain to change all that and I'm not sure it's worth it, Rollabind was only like $36 or something. But then again, the arrogance and obvious fraud of this company are infuritating so I just might.

debit card

I used a debit card for mine, too. I was able to issue the chargeback order to my bank over the phone (with a human being, even!), and they didn't have to cancel my card to do it.

If I were you, I'd talk to the bank again, and perhaps ask to speak to a supervisor or manager.

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

I'm Holding My Breath

I placed a small order with Rollabind, then found this thread. If the discs are the same, then the ones that Rollabind carries are far more attractive than those from Levenger (with the exception of the Kyoto discs.) I also picked up a Junior non-dead-animal-skin Rollabind notebook yesterday at Staples. I really like the cover, but the paper and other items inside the cover are real crap in comparison with Levenger. Half of the paper is crumpled, and the "holes" in the ruler and other accessories are rough and work poorly. As I bought the item for just the cover, it's not a bad deal for $5.99. I've found that the cover is just a tad too small to cover the pocket dividers, but it's still an attractive package. If Rollabind doesn't ship, after a call to the Boca police department to file a complaint, I'll bite the bullet and order the far-overpriced Kyoto discs from Levenger. Too bad Levenger doesn't carry the cheap discs in brown.
Sofar, it's been a potentially inexpensive lesson on quality. I'll have lost under $30 on the Rollabind order, and I've had the opportunity to examine at my leisure the difference in quality between Levenger and Rollabind. It makes Levenger's prices a lot easier to swallow.
It seems as though Rollabind has had fulfillment issues for a couple of years. Their Web site says that a credit card won't be charged until the product is shipped, and an e-mail will be sent when the product is shipped. So far, my debit card has been hit for the full cost and I've received no e-mail. I sent an e-mail to their customer service address only to have it bounced back to me. I wouldn't have been concerned if I hadn't found this thread. It will be interesting to see whether I get my discs from them.

The Rollabind rings are

The Rollabind rings are horrible in my opinion they dont roll well with a levenger plastic cover or normal cover.

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Oh, Crap

I ordered 50 orange gelly and 50 translucent blue. They're just SOOOOO much prettier than the boring, overpriced plastic that Levenger offers.

You'll be fine


You'll be fine with what you ordered. Just make sure you have a nail file or emery board on hand when you get them. Check them over for 'high spots' and file them down a little. Then they'll be fine.

There are little mold marks on a lot of the discs. It seems like Lev does a better job of getting the flash off, but Rolla ends up leaving a little extra on. So you just file it down and you're good to go.


Thank You!

I appreciate the advice. I'm still looking for the perfect-functioning notebook as well as the most visually appealing one.

You can find disks on ebay

There are a few sellers who have them in bulk. I've bought a couple different sizes - 50 at a time - of the Rollabind type and everything was fine. I did take an emery board to a couple edges but for most they were good to go right out of the bag.

The Rollabind disks do have the very slightly raised and/or engraved words on the flats. Levenger disks are smooth. I haven't noticed any difference in how they behave in a notebook.

Funny because I ordered the

Funny because I ordered the old looking rollabind disk that are metal and I also ordered plastic and they dont roll very well with Levenger plastic covers or Rollabind Plastic covers. So I really dont know maybe my disk were retarded. I filed (idk how you say it in English) the plastic ones but they still dont work as well as Levenger. I agree Levenger disk are WAAAAAAAAAY overpriced but whatever. I got a bunch of free ones at the Levenger sample bar at Chicago along with like 6 plastic covers. I just went like everyday and told my family to get a notebook too so I have alot of plastic covers.

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Please take me shopping

Please take me shopping sometime. I could learn a few things.

Lol When I went to the store

Lol When I went to the store the first time I decided to do was take the covers like everyday like asking for a sample

Proud owner of a Newton 2100

Where are they hiding?

I've found an address in Pompano Beach and another mention of Boca Raton. Would anybody know Rollabind's latest location? I called two days ago to be told that my order was in shipping and would be sent out in one or two days. I was also told that I would get a tracking e-mail. Sofar, no e-mail. As I expect I'm getting the same runaround that others have gotten, I need to know their spot on the map in order to deal with this issue. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

They get an "F" from BBB

...and better business bureau lists the Pompano Beach address. I'd certainly not do business with someone BBB gave an "F" to. I don't even order on from anyone with less than a 99.5% approval rating.

It Definitely Was Not One of My Brighter Moves

I'm waiting until Monday. If I don't have a tracking number I'm calling the police and my bank, in that order. I admire those of you who talk about calling them over and over and over for a month, but I don't have that kind of time.

I would file a complaint

I would file a complaint with your state's Attorney General. For me, it has always been waaaay mor effective than the local Police (usually don't have the resources to deal with these types of problems) and the BBB (which is pretty much useless in my opinion).

Check for a website, chances are the complaint can be filed online.

Good luck.

Anyone have an update?

Can anyone update on the current status of their orders? I'm just curious to see what people may have gotten or not gotten so far.

I ordered two packs of discs and the desktop punch on 4/23/09. My order was "processing" for a week and then the discs were shipped out a day after that week and I received them in about a week and a half total if I remember right. I got an email about a minute after the email saying my order was shipped that I was getting a partial order and the rest would be shipped out as soon as possible.

It's been a month and a half and I've called them 4 or 5 times now to figure out what's going on with that desktop punch. I've been given three different delivery dates (with promised overnight shipping), the most recent of which was suppose to be today and, lo and behold, no punch. I've heard that it would be shipped out soon, that it was stuck in customs (meanwhile the website shows in stock and has the entire time when they are clearly not in stock), that they were waiting on paperwork for customs, etc. A month and a half and no punch. I've had two packs of rings for a month that are completely and totally worthless without the punch.

I'm calling tomorrow and either getting a tracking number from them or canceling my remaining order. From what many of you have said, I'll probably have to make a call to my bank next week (I'll allow a few days processing time to at least be fair) to dispute the charge.

How has everyone else's orders been going? Have you been getting the same runaround or have you actually gotten the products you ordered?

Ugh, I knew I should have gone with the Levenger punch. The extra smurf on the Rollabind one isn't worth 2 months of wasted time and I can't afford to drop $120 on two punches because one company took my money.

My Rollabind Experience

I didn't order a punch. But I bought two letter sized translucent notebooks from rollabind on April 22. Not long after that I noticed this thread on the forum and chalked it up as a $23.90 lesson entitled "You get what you pay for.: I was pretty frustrated.

But May 1 I received an email confirmation with a USPS tracking number, and May 4 my notebooks were delivered. I didn't order a punch, so I'm not surprised at all you're having a different experience. I'm sorry to hear it's been that bad.

If you call and cancel the order (and do not receive a refund in a reasonable amount of time) your bank will allow you to dispute the charge. Most banks require the customer to make a good-faith effort to resolve the dispute with the merchant before they credit the money back to your account. Until last fall my wife handled disputes for a regional bank for several years. If you have a Visa or MasterCard debit card you have zero liability for fraud, theft ... or deadbeat merchants.

Try eBay...

I don't know if it would be worth it with shipping and all, but there are at least 2 Lev/Rollabind punches on eBay for much less.

Item 130310545035, for example, has the punch plus 50 packs of 22 disks each (good golly - am I reading that right??) at a starting bid of $10.

Item 130310540895 has the same items but has been bid up to $20.50.

Got My Stuff!

And I'm pleased to report that the products that I got, orange gelly and translucent blue discs, and an orange junior notebook, are all LOVELY!!! The discs are far more attractive than those marketed by Levenger. I ordered my items less than three weeks ago, and although Rollabind did charge my account before shipping the items, that was really a small inconvenience. I now have the perfect junior notebook. Although somebody complained that the vinyl Staples Rollabind cover looked cheap, I think it looks quite wonderful, am happy that no animal was killed to make it, and with the new rings it's just about perfect. Neither Levenger nor Rollabind make fountain-pen friendly paper, so I'm hoping that Myndology starts making Basic lined paper to fit the Rolla/Circa products. Basic paper is wonderfully fountain pen friendly. And I will surely be ordering more stuff from Rollabind.
I also wanted to add that the quality of the paper in this notebook is much higher than in the Staples Rolla notebook. The Levenger plastic innards work quite well with the notebook. I'll be getting more Levenger innards for future notebooks.
I'm glad to say that, on this order from Rollabind, I was totally and completely wrong.

Wow glad to hear it

I went to my local Staples a few weeks ago and looked at the Rollabind notebooks available and was aghast at the quality. The stitching was sloppy, the vinyl was folded over wrong leaving a gap showing the inside of the vinyl. I was so disappointed because I wanted something other then clear plastic covers but couldn't afford Levengers gorgeous leather covers, glad to hear the stuff directly from them is better quality. Can't afford anything at the moment we've hitten a financial speed bump in the form of a garnishment but when this is resolved I may just take my chance on a rollabind notebook. Thanks for the review.

Still trying to get the order


I've been speaking with someone new named Gina for the last week who seems like she actually is trying to get something done, or at the very least being honest with me and not promising that it will be in by Friday. According to her (as of today), there's over 100 punch orders on backorder that are waiting to be filled and they STILL have not gotten them from the manufacturer. I have no idea if any of the information about orders being stuck in customs is true or not.

This is the email I got from her earlier after talking to her on the phone. This is the first email I've gotten back from them.

Dear Rollabind customer: First I would like to apologize for all the misunderstandings and delays in your order. Truly unacceptable in our part and there’s no excuse for not keeping you updated with the right information. As per our conversation, we will work around the clock to have the b/o item to be able to ship them ASAP and or a definite answer on a ETA on them. Thank you so much for your patience and your understanding. Gina Ayoghu Customer Service Supervisor 1888-270-8478

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at (888) 270-8478.

I'm not saying this fixes all of the issues they're having by far but it's the first glimmer of hope I've seen in a month and a half. I'm still debating on canceling my punch order (despite being one of the people first in line to get them since I ordered it a month and a half ago) and ordering from Levenger instead. Gina seems like she might actually get something done but that doesn't hurry up getting these punches made. At least it's better than just Jack running the show since we all saw how well that was working.

I'll keep everyone posted though as I hear anything! It looks like the rings and most of the notebooks are safe to order now, just mainly the punch is causing the major issue. I don't know if this applies to the personal punch but I'll ask when I talk to them next.

Canceled the order

I spoke with Gina again (I think on the 5th but now I can't find my log of phone calls... it's bad when you need a log for a simple order) and she was still trying to get an ETA or SOMETHING on when these things might be in. Last I spoke with her, she was looking at at least another two weeks, though probably around the 23rd and I only remember it's that because that's my sister's birthday. I asked her to cancel my order for the punch and issue a refund but to call or email me if by chance they did get them in.

I don't fault Gina in this at all since she's actually been the only decent employee I think Rollabind has working for them. But the simple matter is it's been almost 2 months since I ordered and while I've had rings, I've had no punch making those rings useless. Everyone here probably has some idea of the time I've spent setting pages up for custom notebooks and the amount of things I've printed awaiting punches as soon as I got that desk punch. Two months is a long time to have loose papers that want to be notebooks sitting on your desk.

Gina did say it could take two weeks for that to post on my account (ugh, more waiting) and as soon as that does, I'm ordering the Levenger sampler kit and then the punch with the $40 gift card. Hopefully they'll just give me a refund and I won't have to go through the credit card company. This has really been a miserable experience though. What stinks even more is that I want to order some more rings and their rings are so much cheaper and prettier than Lev. Maybe I'll get lucky with a ring order like I did the first time.

Sorry I don't have any good news to update. If you're thinking about ordering from Rollabind, I'd call and see if they have the item in stock first since they can't update their website at all.

Rollabind Order

Two weeks ago (approx) I ordered 3 bags of jumbo discs from the internet site (ohhh - pretty colors). I had a code for free shipping, which wasn't actually free, just knocked the price down from "utterly ridiculous" to "reasonable". Anyway, I got my discs less than a week later - ordered on a Sat or Sun, rec'd on a Friday.

I have my uber-fine sandpaper to take care of burrs, and I love the colors of the discs. However, given the "regular" price of shipping, I doubt I'd order from them again.

Discs? OK Punch ? OMG!

Their track record seems to be acceptable for discs and totally rediculous for punches.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

I got some of my order but

I got some of my order but got my money back for the other stuff that didnt arrive

Proud owner of a Newton 2100

My Experiences

My experiences with Rollabind sadly are consistent with a lot of the comments here. I ordered the punch and some disks; got charged immediately despite the site saying that it didn't charge til shipment; waited a couple of weeks, heard nothing, called and was told the punch would be there in a week, was asked if I wanted a partial shipment and said no. A couple of weeks went by, no shipment, a couple of emails, no answers, and a partial shipment but no punch. I called and said I wanted to cancel the punch, which they said they'd do, and they didn't do it. After another week or two I called my credit card company and told them that I was requesting a credit against the punch, which they gave. I called Rollabind again to tell them this and to tell them to refund the purchase, which they didn't. My credit card issuer just sent me a note indicating that Rollabind never responded to its request for information so my credit will stay.

I ended up ordering the punch from Levenger's using a discount coupon and it came without event.

Based on my experience I can't disagree with the BBB rating of "F" for Rollabind. My experience was one of the most unsatisfactory I've had in ordering on the internet.

Heresay and sensationalism

I find the founders code of conduct words interesting...

"The rules are simple: be nice, try to help each other, and don't be afraid of sharing your advice, no matter how wacky or unorthodox it may be. After all, inspiration may lurk in the least obvious places, even for something as seemingly mundane as time management."

Yet, I see product bashing left and right. Namely – I have found their service outstanding and when approached kindly and with civility they worked out my back order.

With the economy the way it is, I think all of you editors, should stop before you judge and check out all this business bashing before letting input go through. All small businesses are having a hard time now and this is even worse when you never know what is going on with someone’s health or family!

Of course, if you are not attune toward being objective then this comment is moot.


Words are true.

Part of "don't be afraid of sharing your advice" includes saving others from a similar experience when you have trouble with a company or a product. Don't sit by and let others be victimized when you have first-hand evidence that something is amiss. Help people make informed decisions. I appreciate the way members here look out for each other. It's no different than rating someone you buy from on ebay or amazon. You can buy with confidence from someone with a high rating. When you see a lower rating you look to see what the complaints were. If they are things you don't personally care about, you might order anyway. But if it IS something you care about, you're saved from a lot of frustration.

I find it quite helpful to know a company's behavior

with the economy the way it is, I cannot afford to be charged for a product I need, only to wait a month or longer for it to arrive (if at all) and to get the runaround from the company when I inquire about my order.

Rollabind website

Hi Notebookgal,

I don't buy Rollabind products as I'm not interested in disc binding. But I do understand where you're coming from with your comments about being fair to companies.

However, I'm surprised that a company that's selling goods online doesn't appear to be able to put a "temporarily out of stock, accepting future orders only" message on their website. It's polite and professional business practice to let customers know ~before~ they order that the goods are available, even for the smallest of companies. Not to mention that it's a legal requirement in some countries.

I can only assume that Rollabind doesn't have anyone actively maintaining their website. Which would be a pity as good communication (like those little extra customer service things which are relatively easy to do and being completely open about supply of goods) helps to keep a business afloat in tough times. It's amazing how long people will wait for something if they're just told upfront that it will take a while to arrive.



Wish i had read all this prior to ordering.

It's been a month since i placed my order. I called several times, out of the 20times i called, i only got to Gina once. I've left VMs at times--don't bother to. I've use the contact us (online)--don't bother, you won't get any reply.

I'm gonna try to call again tom. This is my first order and I will never order again. They should be closed down!! darn it. I'll pay higher price from levenger but excellent service and fast delivery!

We should file a class issue lawsuit!

I wish I had read this

I wish I had read this thread as well before ordering. I was hoping to start using this system for a recent vacation of mine. When I saw that Lavernger's punch was back ordered, I figured that I would give Rollabind a try.

And the hits keep on rolling just like everyone else has mentioned. I found out the punch was delayed due to me calling, and each time that i called it was "it's coming in this next friday. Don't worry, we'll get it to you before your trip".

I've come back from my vacation only to find that the phone number now just goes straight to voice mail. And no product in my mail box.

One would think that a small business would work harder at trying to keep thier customer informed of what was going on. Had I known that the punch was back ordered, I would have tried to get it off of ebay.

*sigh* I'll call again tomorrow, hoping that I will get someone. We'll see.. I'll post as things happen.

Keep watching eBay

The punches are very popular
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Well, and Update. After much

Well, an Update.

After much calling, I finally got the binder I've ordered (this was promised to me from the start since the hold punch was out out stock). However, They do not appear to know when their vendor will be getting them their punches. Something about " Oh, well, we don't know how long it will take to get through Customs," or " Don't know when they will ship the punches out". The only time I've had that happen was with a company that has issues about payment, and the vendor waited for payment up front.

It's really sad. I Just can not believe I've waited this long for something,and have had no mention of any type of compensation what so ever.

I was stated in September that had moved, but then that became the excuse for nearly a month.

I'm calling tomorrow and just canceling my order of the punch. I have no use for the binders without the punch, and since it's a great mystery as to when they will get there shipment in, I"m done. I can at least wait until November and get the better Smurf punches from levengers. / = poor service

Hi. This is my first post to this website but I have been reading it for years and have gleaned so much valuable information from it. Thank you for that.

I just wanted to add a note that I recently - as in a month ago - placed an order with and the service has not improved at all from the comments on this thread. Not only have I been continually put off but the customer service rep was quite rude when I called asking why I still had not received my order after 3 weeks. Yet, the reason I keep calling is because she has YET to return any calls as she committed to. Anyways, I just wanted to share this and wish I had read this thread before I ordered from this company. The owner, or so he said he was, when I called the second time told me their items were delayed in customs and that he guaranteed I would have my order in two weeks. He gave me his word he would contact me and send me an email as soon as it shipped. Needless to say, two weeks passed with no word from him. There are 10 complaints filed with the BBB on this company. I would avoid doing business with them as one still waiting for a refund from a month ago.

Is anyone surprised by this info ?

I am saddened, but not surprised.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Their website does not tell you which items are not in stock.

I placed an online order yesterday.

Today I called to verify which items are in stock, and learned that the punch, which is crucial to my (DIY pages) planner notebook, is not in stock.

The Rollabind website is quite a bit different from, for example, the Lands End website where you can see "This color is on back-order until Oct 15" before you even put it into your cart.

Welcome, BTW

I hope you continue to post here. And your order shows up soon.

Another Rollabind Service Story

Hi Everyone! I've been reading threads here since last summer when I decided to give disc-binding a try. I absolutely LOVE it, and have learned so much from everyone here.

Unfortunately, I didn't heed the warnings of people regarding Rollabind. I didn't want to spend the kind of money Levenger requires (though, I went ahead and invested in the Levenger punch, since I was sure I would want to punch a lot of stuff and I am a huge fan of Levenger quality), so I hopped onto the Rollabind website and placed an order. This was last September. Most of the order arrived with no problem, but the Faux Leather PDA Notebook didn't come ... and there was no mention of it being missing, on back order, out of stock or anything.

I gave Rollabind the benefit of the doubt and sent a friendly e-mail letting them know that the PDA Notebook was missing from the order. They said it was backordered and would get it to me in a few weeks. Nothing happened. I contacted them again a month later. Same story. Nothing happened. I contacted them again a month later. Same story. This has been ongoing with no resolution. Today, I finally asked them to just credit my card with the purchase price.

I don't want to be overly negative, so I've refrained from posting here for awhile. However, I think 6 months is a ridiculous amount of time to fill an order, and I thought I should share.

BTW, in my opinion, the Arc System available at Staples is probably going to put an end to Rollabind. The only downside of Arc is lack of variety in notebook sizes, colors, and discs ... but at least the discs can be bought on e-bay.

We told you.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Wonderful Rollabind Experience

Ordered 3 items on April 21, 2011. Received an email confirmation. My credit card was charged one-week later when the items shipped. I received an email with USPS tracking number. The items were delivered without drama. Overall, a great experience. Maybe they are under new management.

We can but hope

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***