calendar from 2008

Tried to locate a calendar I believe was created by Ygor last spring. The months flowed smoothly from one to another. All the months fit neatly on a front to back one page portrait form.

Shortly after there was another form which showed up by Innovative Productivity Tools TM. This calendar showed the months beginning with the first day of each month on the far left side and continuing to the right edge with the last day of each month. All 12 months fit on one page. Page was set up as a land view. I apologize for the vagueness (?) of this note.

Believe it was last spring you helped me out.

Also, is there some way I can find those entries on the forum? ...then mark/save them for future use.

Thank you for your help.

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The one I made...

is here

The other one -- by Googling for "sciral" -- is , I think, here

Personally, I do not care for this type of calendar. Schedules these days tend to depend on the "week" and this type of calendar breaks up weeks that cross over the beginning/end of a month.

But that's just me. If other folks like them and find them useful, I say, "go with what works for you."

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