Circa Disk systems What about paper?

What weight paper have you found, in your experience, works best with the Circa System? I will be DIYing in my creations and so, paper must fit in my printer. Would 24lb. work? Thanks

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24 works fine


I use 24 lb all the time, it works fine. I have also used 28, which is very nice too.


I am using 20lb...

but it's a little flimsy. I find that when I turn the pages, they pop off the disks. I have to turn more carefully, or turn several pages at a time. (FYI, I am using 1" disks in a Junior/Classic note book).

I've already printed out a whole year's worth of weekly templates so I'm not going to reprint, but next year I will definitely use 24lb.

Like you, I wasn't

sure what weight to use. I had been using 20lb. I found that it is a little to flimsy for the discs. I bought a ream of 28lb from a big name office supply store and found that it works great. Much better feel and it seems to move easier when turning pages. Look around and try to find it on sale. I lucked out, when I went to check out the cashier asked if I had any of the special coupons. I said no so she used one from a sale ad close by. Ends up they were giving $10 off to the first 100 people that morning. Ended up paying $1 for it.