GTD Coordinator and gear at Staples

This might have been mentioned on another thread -- have any of you seen the GTD Coordinator and other gear at Staples?

I didn't have time to look at the products in any great detail. There was a coordinator in a binder that held your calendar and your lists and such. They also had the notetaker wallet, a calendar by itself, and some other things.

It was reminiscent of some of the FC stuff, in that there were instructions included.

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GTD Coordinator

I bought the GTD Coordinator a few weeks ago. The design is simple and clean. The paper does not take fountain pens very well, and pages come printed on one side only, except for the calendar, which is 2 pages per week horizontal format. It has 8 sections:

1) Notes/In, which is used as the main section for capturing "stuff"
2) Calendar
3) Action Lists
4) Agendas
5) Project/Goals
6) Plan/Notes
7) Reference
8) Contacts

They did a good job in reducing the different types of formats; they have done one lined format for lists, projects and agendas, one format for the calendar, and one for the Notes / in section. I have made some modifications to the basic design to make it suitable for my needs, but overall I think the design is meant to follow GTD's approach of keep it simple, but not so simple.
The package also includes instructions in each section, plus a summary of the GTD methodology at the end. I bought the letter size format which is a black leather-simulated 1" binder. The pages have a soft grey scheme of colors, with some titles in orange.

GTD Coordinator Today

I bought a classic size GTD Coordinator in a three-ring binder on eBay for $10 Meaning today, 2011). Shipping was $8, but the total was still half of what Staples sells it for. I was most interested to have examples of what the pages are used for. The calendar was 2011.

Kinda disappointing...

Searching around a bit, I find the whole planners, but no dated refills - just blank, undated pages.
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Well, my local Staples told

Well, my local Staples told me they pulled their entire GTD display a while ago. It is just as well.

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GTD Coordinator

I bought the 2010 planner at a Staples in NC. I just finished implementing the methodology so I thought it was great to have a companion planner, at least that my initial thought. I think it was the last one they had on stock. You can not find the 2009 refills anymore, but you can find the planner and some accessories at the site, under GTD Tools:

As I said before, no support

Despite the fact that this is in a ring binder, At-A-Glance offers no dated refills, only blank ones. And, at the same site, if you look at the letter size "Coordinator", it shows as "Out of Stock" for both 2009 and 2010. Look at the junior/classic size, and it does not even list a 2010 version. Sounds like a product with no support.

Is anyone out there got the hots for this exact product ? If so, you may have a long, painful search ahead of you.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)