Quality of leather FC vs Levenger

In general would you say that the leather in levenger products is better or maybe more supple than FC leather?

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Levenger and Franklin Covey Leather Comparison

I think the Franklin Covey leather compares well with the leather used for the Levenger Circa Notebooks. I have had both a Franklin Covey Planner, and a Levenger Planner, and Notebook, while I like the style and function of the Levenger product better, the quality is probably just about the same.

I've done a review of the leather Levenger Circa Planner on my site if you care to look at it.

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I've never owned...

Franklin-Covey, but my Levenger has beautiful leather, and it's wonderfully put together. If you can get it on sale, or the comparable FC is equal in price, I would bet the Levenger would probably be better, but again, I only know Levenger (and DayTimer--to which Levenger is its equal or better)


I'd say so

I've had at least three leather FC planner binders over the years, two other journal-type books, and a couple of leather file carrier-ish items. In the last couple of years I've made the Circa switch, and so have some Levenger leather items (mostly from their eBay outlet!).

I haven't done any sort of detailed comparison, but in general I'd say that for smooth-leather products, Levenger wins hands down on feel and overall quality. For pebbled-leather products (which I don't really care for anyway), it is pretty much a draw.

Agree with the comment on their eBay outlet

I have to say, the eBay outlet can be a great place to pick up some of their stuff at lower prices, I always check there first when I want something new from Levenger.

I found Levengers quality better

I think Franklin Covey use to be on par but the quality has taken a huge nose dive in my opinion. I have an older leather Franklin Covey planner that is lovely quality and will last for years but recently I dished some money out on a compass leather planner. It arrived this week and the quality is very poor, I am so disappointed. I doubt it will last long at all. The edges are cut too close to the stitching. Their is a blemish in the leather. It smelled really chemically too, whereas my Levenger folio (I got a sample cheap on ebay) smells so good, the way leather normally smells. Franklin Covey also just threw my planner in a box with some crumpled brown paper on top, which caused the front to get all scuffed up. It wasn't even covered in plastic. I'll never spend money on another Franklin Covey planner, unless it is on ebay. I also got an envelope style leather Franklin Covey planner cheap with a punch on craigslist recently. The quality of it is poor as well. It reeks to high heaven of chemicals. It has white something or other painted on all the edges that is just chipping off. I'm not disappointed in my purchase because I got it very cheap with the punch, but if I had purchased it new I would have been mad as can be. I'll be sticking with Levenger stuff from their outlet from now on.